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My first impression on computers as a machine has always impressed me. And I have been motivated to know more about computing which eventually lead me to a new passion. Since computers are broad my passions lead me specifically to networking and how data is transferred over the net. At college I had the chance to understand how it all works and fortunately I did but it also gave me craving for more which took me to the internet for research but was not enough.
In the last two years I have worked as an assistant in an internet shop helping and fixing their problems gave me much needed experience to help in my future career. I have to admit going to study for my passion in university has been a dream in a distance while I was in Kenya, but since I came to UK that dream got a little bit nearer. Although I didn’t have the funds to take me to university while I was in Kenya I was saving bit by bit to take me there.
While I was in secondary school and college I have always been hard working and have always been the top 5 students in class which means with the right equipments and teaching materials it won’t be hard for me at all.
My main aim of studying is to be more knowledgeable in software, hardware and networks and eventually work my way up the ladder to see me through to postgraduate which definitely means I am more respectable and more marketable. After successfully joining university what will drive me is my passion and that my family will look forward to having their son getting the opportunity to be what he wants to be. According to me there is no room for failure and my destination is getting a PhD which is going to make a role model for my future children and my siblings.
To make me blend in with the new hard task I have prepared to make a timetable to effectively manage my time since am a fun of sports namely going to the gym to help me train my brain and my body as well.
I am looking forward with to the challenges that studying in a university for a degree in computer network will bring.

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nice one,

nice one,


I really liked your article.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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