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My interest in computer games started from an early age and I would like to pursue a career in computer game design and programming.

My interest in computer games began when I was 8 when I first played on my parents' Super Nintendo. Since then I have wondered how computer games have been made and have wanted to be involved in making a game. I have since decided to pursue a career in computer game design.

During my spare time I enjoy reading fantasy novels as well as game magazines, where I can catch up on the latest game news as well as learn about the different aspects of a computer game career. I also enjoy drawing and painting, both of which I hope will be a valuable ability to help me use when expressing my video game ideas.

I also realise the importance of keeping active especially since my IT career will involve many long hours of me at a desk looking at a computer screen. I like to play sports especially football, hockey and American pool.

I currently have a part-time job at McDonalds where I have worked 4 days a week since 25th November 2007. With the money I earn from this I use it to buy computing equipment to help me get more experience in programming.

I am attending a two year IT national diploma at Sussex Downs College where I hope to gain the necessary skills needed to succeed in the computer games industry.

I have been learning to use programming languages such as: visual basic; machine code and gamemaker, all of which I enjoy using.

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This personal statement was written by gamester for application in 2008.

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Okay but needs more work


This personal statement is unrated

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Far too short, needs more

Far too short, needs more information about you and why you are more suited to the course than somone else who has also played a nintendo.

Quite short and unintersting

Quite short and unintersting :(


So, apart from playing a SNES and using one or two programs, it seems your only qualification is working at McDonalds for 3 years? Not looking good for you there...


Sadly.. "Boo" was right. This statement is painstakingly bad, it almost looks fake.

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