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From a very young age, I have been interested in the way businesses are run: how shops are laid out, how they sell themselves to the customer, asking myself why are video games so differently priced? My enthusiasm for Business Studies and Management grew from a visit in my youth to my father's newspaper office at Canary Wharf. I was intrigued by the amount of work and effort that was put into running a daily newspaper, wondering how it was possible to manage so many people and run a business that involved such careful delegation and use of time.

Studying Business Studies at A level strengthened these early interests. I am particularly interested in the human behaviour side of business, and have been keen to explore motivation What makes people tick? What drives them forward? The world in which we live is increasingly dominated by businesses, so what could be more captivating than studying the most powerful collections of people on the planet? These dynamic organisations not only reflect but create the values of contemporary societies, shaping our beliefs and lifestyle choices. Psychology at A level has taught me all about human interaction and how our minds work.

On a larger scale, Economics A level has shown me the structural role Economics plays in our lives. It explains how goods are priced, how markets ebb and flow, how the laws of demand and supply determine so much of what we do, and condition the environment around us. Economics also supplies knowledge of how business developments work and their impacts which are likely to succeed and those that will almost certainly fail. All three of these A levels have also made practical use of my mathematical skills gained at AS level and IGCSE, in which I achieved an A*.

My voluntary work experience at Google headquarters in London really reinforced my desire to study Business. It gave me a fascinating insight into how one of the most rapidly growing, successful global businesses operates. The highlight was organising a YouTube press meeting, and I gained valuable skills in communication and interaction with others in a working environment. I was particularly intrigued to know more about the connections between different teams. I am currently working at ******** department store in ******, as a "mobile" sales assistant, moving around the departments and getting a wide range of views on how the company gels together. Again, it is interesting being on the inside, seeing and hearing how the company behaves and thinks.

I am a competitive chess player. I see chess as an exercise of infinite possibilities for the mind; one which develops mental abilities used throughout life: concentration, thinking ahead, problem solving, strategic planning and creativity. I was primary school chess champion, going the whole season undefeated when I was 10 years old. More recently, I was competent enough to receive a school service tie for my skills and I regularly play in the 1st team.

Tennis is another major passion. I have played since I was six and play for my school and for my club. In tennis, mastery of the mind is the crucial factor to win; every time I play I encounter a wide range of psychological problems. I was the School Captain when I was 15 years old, reached the final of the ******** open tournament and also play for ******* Club's tennis academy. This improved my leadership abilities as I learnt how to organise the team, motivate players and improve spirit and team morale. These skills would be highly transferable to a business environment.

I am also a keen footballer, having played for various school teams at all ages, and was my school's social league top scorer last season with 21 goals in 12 games.

I am looking forward to continuing these past times alongside my degree, and think my natural business inquisition and drive for success, in any task I set myself, would make me ideally suited to studying Business or Management at university.

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