Business Management Personal Statement

There is a rapid growth in global organisational concepts, crystallised in Japanese business philosophy, to be as effective as possible in the most efficient way.

New technology involving networking information and automation influences the behaviour of business and enables significant transformation. This need to maximise efficiency and effectiveness in such a competitive age is increasingly crucial to the success of a business. This is why it is an exciting and fascinating period in both the commercial and economic world to study Business Management.

Adaptability, creative thinking and the application of technology are now intrinsic to managing businesses. I have developed these principles and enjoyed the spectrum of sixth form study that has taught me to approach problems from different political, economical and psychological perspectives.

Throughout Business Studies, to complement what has been taught I have researched real-life business solutions and how they have been implemented, such as the responsive marketing used by Coca Cola to prolong their business cycle and sustain major profitability.

Studying ICT has enabled me to examine the criticality of technology in giving businesses a competitive edge by considering issues such as organisational objectives, people and legal implications rather than making decisions based solely on financial factors.

Furthermore, studying Psychology gives me insight into the human influences on organisational behaviour through studying motivational theories such as the hierarchy of needs model proposed by Maslow, whilst the coursework has developed my skills in collecting and analysing data in order to establish trends and draw conclusions. Studying English Language has allowed me to develop an ability to express my ideas clearly and concisely.

I have worked for * as a Tester, assisting in the development of *, the fastest-selling PC game ever. It was a significant learning experience and made me evaluate myself and better understand my strengths and skills, such as the ability to easily identify discrepancies and communicate these effectively to management so that problems can be solved.

Recent experience at * Ltd gave me a taste of working within a larger organisation. Operating within two different, but equally successful organisations has enabled me to see contrasting leadership styles and corporate culture.

Within college, I participated in a paired reading project where I listened to and assessed readers lower down the school which required a relaxed, patient and friendly approach with the younger students, as well as punctuality and dedication. Throughout the past year, I have represented the college in district basketball and rugby competitions.

I am a committed member of the Colts team at my local rugby side. I have captained the team in previous seasons which required leadership, confidence and diligence. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to a range of music, going to the gym and socialising. I am a regular reader of the Financial Times, enjoy keeping up with current affairs and business news.

I enjoy reading a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction such as 'Making It Happen' (J. Harvey-Jones) where his common sense approach complements the management theories of more staid texts. This degree will equip me for my career in the unpredictable and fast moving world of commerce.

Year applied: 
Business and Management


its way too complex, it shows

its way too complex, it shows no personality or interests. this person sound like they are a book!!! i didnt like it, u can make personal statement just as good but with a bit more flavour.

good but

it should be about your self, not about contemporary business environment like in the first paragraph. however well done.

more like reading a newspaper

more like reading a newspaper!... change it and drop out of uni


sweet site thx

Just saw this; wrote it 5

Just saw this; wrote it 5 years ago! It's pretty shít really.


pretty well written makes me feel rather thick,, are you sure they are not 65???

Why some of us just jealous???

If the PS is complicated it does not mean that it is a PASTE..
Good work mate


interesting site man


I know why he was rejected by Warwick. Business Studies, ICT and Psychology is the worst A-level subject combination if you apply to top universities.


Extremely good personal statement, you come across very intelligent and with a brilliant use of wording. My own personal statement will be inspired by this one.

mmmm the first paragraph is a

mmmm the first paragraph is a bit complicated...


hi webmasters good


hi webmasters good


hi webmasters good


hi webmasters good

...the last message was in

...the last message was in response to the message at the top of the page

I agree

with what the majority of people are saying, you need to grow some balls and do something thats worth talking about!

Im sorry this is a brilliantly written essay but if this is the sort of thing that universities are looking for then they must be gettin all wrong!

Fair enough if ya gona manage a freakshow at EA games but you stand no chance in most buisnesses as a manager, i would be ashamed if you were my manager.

This is essay is of little help im afraid.

this isnt a normal person ...

this isnt a normal person ... some one has major issues



I cannot believe that you got

I cannot believe that you got that many characters for your personal statement in 2004. The 1st paragraph beared little relevant to the application process but she has proved she can spout management speak!

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Personal statement??

Is this a personal statement?? I found it very heavy and confusing. This person is showing their knowledge I don't Think its a good example for a personal statemnt for some one with lesser knowledge looking to apply to a business management course and gain the knowledge to develop themselves.

Some places say aviod the use

Some places say aviod the use of 'I' 'I' like this 'I' am great!! etc

sounds like you are trying a

sounds like you are trying a little too hard, i can't believe that this wasn't copied and pasted or composed by one of your teachers, there's little personal touch to it. I think you probably got good grades and they didn't read this statement properly!

this is good

this is good

2 gud

DiS wAs da bEsT StAtEmEnt iiV EvarR ReAd kEeP up dA gUD wUrK xoxox

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LMAO at these comments hating on this dude, its even more funny because all the haters have weetawded spelling

It looks a little bit long

It looks a little bit long

if this got you into

if this got you into nottingham then the queens a rastafarian

i believe it an interesting

i believe it an interesting first paragraph and well related to each subject. also it heavy for young sixth form student to think and write something like that.
there is something not been mention.

makes mine look awful

makes mine look awful

How can anyone say this is a

How can anyone say this is a bad PS? This is brilliant! Wanna see hafl of the people who gave this negative feedback to write something nearly half as good as this. Thanks! Well done on 4/5 of your places.

This is an impressive P.S as

This is an impressive P.S as it expresses his interest in the subject from different aspects and expriance. All the best

Thanks! ;)

Wew! credit for person who make this statement. It helps me a lot on doing my english assignment that is about personal statement. p/s: Im currently doing my 1st year for A-level commerce. :) Thanks once again! xx


By the looks of your personal statement you couldn't manage a party in a beer factory.


Enjoyed every bit of your blog article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.


Why did Warwick reject you?




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