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Climbing a mountain 1344 meters high can be quite challenging, especially in winter conditions but climbing the Red Peaks which are 2096 meters high is the real achievement which definitely was the most unforgettable experience of my life. Hiking and mountain climbing is something I really enjoy and I also like a good challenge. Something I find when I climb mountains is that although the climb can be so difficult and often it feels like it’s easier to give up, once you’re at the top, the view is so breathtaking and you just feel like you are on top of the world.
I like to apply that to my studies and every day life, that hard work and determination fuelled by motivation leads to success and the most rewarding feeling.

I have chosen a Business related course as I believe that with my qualities I can forge a successful career in this area. My interest for business increased when I chose to study it in secondary school, my teacher was extremely enthusiastic and made me really enjoy the course. He often shared with us stories of successful entrepreneurs and young people who have been successful with businesses and this has excited me for the future and motivated me to learn more so I can be like them. Business has always been a topic which my family would discuss at the table due to my step-father being a director of a successful security business, he always saw it as important that we understand what business is all about. Last year, my friends dad took us both to a business conference in Birmingham, where many successful business people spoke about their successes and gave everyone and insight about how they did that, I found this inspiring and it gave me an insight to the skills required to start and manage your own business.

I chose to study Media Studies as I think that it is very relevant knowledge to have as media is all around us and it is key for most if not all businesses now. It made me understand how easy it may be to anchor someones point of view and how businesses use advertising effectively in order to attract their target audience. Studying Business Studies in college developed my knowledge of business and allowed me to improve my IT skills as that is also a very important aspect of busi- ness, I know that it can be used for simple things such as organisation to advertisement which can maximise profitability. From my Public Services course I have improved on my communication, leadership and organisation skills as we did many practical exercises which involved both team work and individual work such as radio communication exercises. From studying Sociology I learnt that sociology is about of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. It has shown me that people are the centre of all change, revolution and problems as well as successes. People's behaviour and actions create a chain reaction of events which influence our society. Businesses are a major part of our society too, people rely on businesses now more than ever in the past. It is important to study changes in a society as they can influence the performance of a business drastically.

Throughout my time in school and college I have had many roles which provided me with excellent communication, team working and leadership skills. Within my school I was part of the chaplaincy team and sports captain, this required me to organise assemblies, fundraisers, open days and oth- er activities for the rest of the school, this demonstrates that I am a well organised and trustworthy individual who can generate many constructive ideas within a group as well as an individual. I have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and I am currently in the process of completion of the Gold Award, this has helped me develop so many useful skills, I volunteered at a care home in my local area and this has taught me to have great patience and understanding towards people. From the expeditions which I did during both Gold and Bronze, I understand how important it is to plan and be organised.

Outside of college I also had a job at Go Outdoors where I worked as a sales assistant, from there I have learnt how to talk to customers, how to approach people and how important team work is. It was a job I really enjoyed as I was selling items which I personally used on my hiking trips and other expeditions and I felt like I could really give valuable information to the customer. In my spare time I enjoy bike rides with my friends, on weekends I often go on hikes and other adventures as I love spending time outdoors, however I also like to stay in sometimes and read or socialise with friends, this indicates my ability to manage my time effectively with a busy lifestyle. My previous experiences and will to succeed show that I have the ability to meet the demands of studying at degree level.

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I got told my personal statement was good & got unconditional offers from Aston University, Northumbria University, Birmingham City University and Brighton University.


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