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Being born in the shadow of Sellafield, and growing up near the home of Unilever Research & Development, my interest in Science was, in my eyes, inevitable. My fascination with Biology began to develop at a young age. Having a large number of family members in the field meant I was constantly surrounded and inspired by cutting edge research and equipment, and I would often be found in my garden gazing with awe at the diversity of life, or in my bedroom studying everything from leaves to dust mites with my light microscope

As my academic studies progressed, Biology started to become my passion. I began to excel at primary school level, frequently receiving top marks in science exams and being asked to speak about the subject at various assemblies. This ability carried through to secondary school, where I would pick up numerous awards for both effort and attainment within the subject. I represented my school’s science department at numerous events at universities, including the prestigious “Salters Festival” at Liverpool University. Biology at A-Level has given me the opportunity to further extend my studies, allowing me to carry out private and independent work, something I find immensely interesting. I took this opportunity further study microbiology and the use of electron microscopes within industry. Through this, I was granted a placement as a voluntary Lab Assistant at Unilever R&D

During my time at Unilever I was able to put my A Level Biology and Chemistry theory into action. The staff were immensely impressed with my knowledge of Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopes, and allowed me to carry out basic functions required for the use of each, including the preparation of slides for study and resolution control. My Physical Chemistry skills were required whilst carrying out titrations, and knowledge of Organic Chemistry was vital in the use of surfactants. It was biology, however, that played the largest part in my time. I was required to prove important data for a study upon the effects of certain chemicals on human hair, which will later be used in a genuine study

Whilst my time at Unilever was primarily based upon Biology and Chemistry, I was occasionally given the chance to develop my communication skills, a skill I have also received from ethical debates within Theology. I was asked to present new ideas for Unilever’s “Go Green” initiative, for which I was commended for my confidence and ability to work under pressure. This led to a number of individuals stating they would be very interested in seeing me coming back to Unilever for a future post-graduate course, most of whom I am still in contact with

These communication skills are also evident in my out of college hobbies, where I am a published music journalist and acclaimed blogger. My work has been used in both nationwide and local publications, and on a number of successful music websites as well as being quoted as official reviews by a number of bands. Through this, I was asked to take up a role at Q Radio, the radio counterpart to the UK’s highest selling monthly music magazine. As part of this job I am required to work alongside other journalists, local bands and prominent event’s organisers within Merseyside in finding the most exciting underground music and bringing it to the public’s attention. My blog, on the other hand, sees me acting as a team leader, setting out tasks for my writers and providing advice and support to ensure their work is always up to the desired standard. I find my journalistic work ideal as allows me to continuously enhance my English skills, whilst remaining totally flexible around any academic studies. Living in a city will allow me to continue this work throughout university

The idea of being surrounded by likeminded people within a university setting is something that excites me, and the thought of using my passion to improve the life of others in a research environment is what motivates me to continue within this field

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This personal statement was written by CurtMcArdle for application in 2013.

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University of Wales, Bangor
Liverpool John Moores University
Heriot-watt University, Edinburgh
The University of Nottingham
Oxford Brookes University

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Can't help but feel my personal statement may have been pivital in clinching the lowered Nottingham offer of AAC, considering my disapointing AS grades (ABDE)

This was my 2nd and final draft


Statement rating:*****

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This is really well written

This is really well written but you sound super pompous. But I guess that's the way every personal statement is going to sound. Sigh.

Aww man. I agree though.

Aww man. I agree though. Personal Statement Curt is a dick. Personal Statement everyone is a dick. It's a shame that that's the case really, it would be nice to be able to showcase our true selves, but at the end of the day, University's want good stats and people who think they are the best will generally try to go out to prove themselves right.

Have you apllied yet? How's it coming along?


what advice would you give for an international sudent in terms of writing a personal statement?

Sell yourself! Think outside

Sell yourself! Think outside the box, think of how you can link your hobbies to your academic's.

Also, be totally over the top. No body speaks in real life the way they do in personal statements. If you write a sentence, and think it looks too much, it probably isn't. Ask for advice and dont be down heartened if you need any changes done, its likely everyone just wants whats best for you.

Good luck for the future!
Curt x

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