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The study of biological processes at a molecular level, as well as how this affects the larger components of a living organism - cells and organs - deeply interests me. The potential for new discoveries of ways to win at the evolutionary arms race human beings have against viruses, parasites and cancers is something which truly excites me. It is this, along with my drive to understand how the human body works in greater depth and how medicine can affect biological processes, which has inspired me to pursue a career in the life sciences.

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics at Advanced Higher level to further my knowledge and improve my problem solving, investigative and scientific research skills. These subjects have helped further fuel my desire to pursue a career in science. I received the Biology Prize for the highest mark in the school in the Higher Biology estimate exam. I am thoroughly enjoying the Advanced Higher Biology course, particularly the cells and proteins unit. I am also however enjoying the independent learning and investigative aspect of preparing my Biology project. I take great satisfaction from researching, experimenting and coming to a conclusion, independently of my teacher, as it gives me a greater sense of accomplishment.

I have a keen interest in science generally and have always been incredibly curious about how things work. As a child, my brother introduced me to an incredible website called "HowStuffWorks". This helped to fuel my interest in science from a very young age. I am a subscriber and avid reader of the "New Scientist" magazine and lovenothing more than reading about the latest breakthroughs in science. It has been really excitingfor me to see the science equipment at universities during open days and I look forward to further exploring my fascination for science in these state of the art facilities.

Being elected head boy at Aberdeen Grammar School carries with it a lot of responsibility as well as the opportunity to learn a lot of new skills and put them into practice. Along with the senior prefect team, I am responsible for the organisation of a group of 90 prefects in S5 and S6. This has taught me a great deal about organisation and time management as there have been many time consuming tasks to be completed by a deadline. I have also gained experience in presenting and public speaking, as well as liaising with senior staff, which has helped me develop into a mature, confident and well-rounded individual.

As a senior member of the charities group, I have been responsible for the fundraising events which have take place throughout the year, as well as managing the 20 younger members of the group. This year we are raising money for the ARCHIE Foundation. In addition to this, I also volunteer at ARCHIE in my spare time, doing everything from administrative tasks, to collecting donations at fundraising events.

I enjoy music and play percussion, guitar and piano, which I currently play at Grade 5 level. I receive tuition in percussion which I have played for 3 years and I am currently working on my Grade 8 exam, which I hope to sit in June 2016. As well as my lessons, I participate in two percussion ensembles on a weekly basis. I am also a member of the school's award winning concert band, which involves an immense level of commitment and many long rehearsals. It requires great dedication and effort to play at the level at which the band plays. In the Summer of 2014 I was also asked to perform as part of Grampian Youth Orchestra in the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. This again required a great level of dedication, rehearsing 10 hours or more a day. Dedication which will readily be applied to my further education.

If successful in gaining entry to University I would be highly motivated and dedicated to my course and future career. I also hope to immerse myself in the wider life of the university and get involved with as much as I can.

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The study of biological processes at a molecular level, as well as how this affects the larger components of a living organism - cells and organs - deeply interests me....


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