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As a kinesthetic learner, laboratories are my comfort zone. I am an admirer of research and its mystery is what attracts me the most in Life and Physical Sciences.

Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics are my favorite subjects so when awarding merit for the best grades in my Science class and third-best in my school for my IGCSEs I assuredly chose them as my A-Levels. Mathematics taught me how to improve my problem-solving skills, quick thinking, and mastering formulae construction, useful for calculating and interpreting Stoichiometry.

Biology and Chemistry's practical endorsement was intriguing to me, executing titrations and analyzing enzyme activity mesmerized me. Consequently, I volunteered as a lab assistant where I improved my time management, recording, and observation abilities as well as confidently preparing molar solutions.

When reading "Two Parallel Worlds of Memory T Cells" article by Talyn Chu, Jacqueline Berner, and Dietmar Zhen I achieved a distinct grade on my Biology essay focusing on Virology and Immunology in which I specified the reaction of antigens with the body's primary immune response.

Reading the "Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Protein" dissertation by Yuhuan Li from Boston University familiarized me with the usage of a mass spectrometer, such materials are not available for student use in my country and the desire to experience the practicality is one of the reasons why I decided to study in the UK.

In my spare time, while writing my AS-Level examinations, I completed a Massive Open Online Course on Biochemistry with the University of East Anglia and joined the Discovery Science Program with the University of Leeds this related Biotechnology and Bioethics on the specialization of Stem cells for degenerative diseases, creating microenvironments showed the importance of nanotechnology.

I also learned basics in Science Writing which were all of interest for my treatise on Stem Cells in the Cure of Cancer and University as a whole.

Chosen among 40 students to compete in an Olympiad in Kenya and winning an internationally recognized silver medal in the Golden Climate Awards with a project that pointed the baobab as a powerful antioxidant, my partner and I explained to the Vice-President of Kenya and judges why the structure of the proteins in the baobab allowed it to inhibit oxidation and why it was financially and medically useful for minorities in a country where it is abundant.

This setting allowed me to present scientific projects to an audience confidently. Working as a salesperson and social media manager I got a snippet into the world of business where I learned the art of persuading and time management, essential for succeeding scientific theories since evidence and a convincing presentation supports an argument.

While Volunteering with Eye Doctors, we provided aid in the poorer areas of my city, I had the chance to record symptoms coherently and the doctors also pushed through my critical thinking and patient care.

As a fluent speaker of Spanish, English, Portuguese, basics in Turkish and also elected to attend International Language Competitions in Turkey, currently self-teaching Korean and British Sign Language communication is not a barrier for me in a worldwide field.

My travels in over 10 countries familiarized me with different costumes and cultures. I enjoy playing guitar, drawing, and painting, that drove me to start as an entrepreneur selling customized portraits which shows my versatility in fields. Higher education points the crossover between sciences with its challenges. My current skills prepare me for interdisciplinary action and workload making me a great asset to consider.

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i am still waiting for the decisions but i applied to...
Biochemistry- Uni of Manchester
Biochemistry- Uni of Sheffield
Medicinal Chemistry- Uni of Leeds
Chemistry with Industrial Experience- Uni of Bradford
Biological Sciences- Leeds Beckett

i am an international student too :)


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