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To me science is like a house under construction, it is being built brick by brick but it is yet to be finished. As a science student, my goal is to contribute as much as possible to the making of this house, whether it be adding new bricks or replacing old bricks with better fitting ones. I believe Chemistry is the most powerful and important science as it studies what makes up everything that surrounds us, but it is not until you apply Biology, the science of living things, that you achieve the full potential. Biochemistry is a way of bringing Chemistry to life and studying its role in nature; it is what allows us to understand everything that happens around us and for what reasons.

Studying the advanced courses of Chemistry and Biology in school has allowed me to see how interconnected they really are. When you think of Biology as a whole you do not immediately see how Chemistry is involved, but when you look at it very closely you begin to realise that everything that occurs in living organisms at a molecular level is Chemistry. The change in shape of carrier proteins in the plasma membrane as well as the synthesis and breakdown of polymers are chemical processes that occur within our bodies. Essentially, Biochemistry is the core of our existence.

However, learning about the theory did not satisfy me nearly enough, so I applied to the Klinikum Frankfurt Hoechst for a two-week work experience and spent both weeks at the hospital following and closely observing the work of doctors and nurses. This was especially interesting as I could really see how Biochemistry helps people on a daily basis and how vital it is in our lives. In addition to that, I also applied on my own initiative to the Junior Scholars Program at the Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt for which I was selected and offered a three-week internship during my summer holidays that I gladly accepted.

The six hours a day I spent there were a fascinating experience as I was learning about topics I had not studied before in school and it therefore gave me an insight into what studying Biochemistry at university will be like. I enjoyed my stay so much that I was granted permission for weekly two-hour visits throughout the entire academic year which I completed after my regular school hours. During this additional period of experience, I continued my previous work and also learned about and performed some experiments on DNA genotyping which was a topic I had never encountered before and found particularly enjoyable.

When the school year was over I asked again on my own initiative to go back for another summer internship where I was given the responsibility to make and use CUBIC solutions by myself. During my time there I learned about the value of working with others as well as being able to manage time and organise myself correctly. I can say that this intense practical experience has definitely reinforced my determination to study Biochemistry.

I have also contributed to the extra-curricular club “European School Frankfurt in the Community” through planning, fundraising and donating to charity initiatives. As for sports, I practise badminton weekly as member of the Turn- und Sportgemeinde Nordwest Frankfurt and skiing in the winter months. I was elected as class representative, and I am fluent in English, Spanish and German.

I believe that my interest in science, my care for others and my feeling of responsibility, along with my desire to learn and improve will aid me when studying Biochemistry at degree level.

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