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My curiosity for Biochemistry started when my sister first developed the symptoms of sickle cell anaemia. She had to have immediate treatment in the form of drugs such as morphine and codeine, as she was in great pain. This treatment was aimed at relieving the symptoms of sickle cell rather than curing it. Hours later, she seemed perfectly normal; this fascinated me and I wondered how these drugs had worked so quickly.

The concept of pain intrigues me and I am keen to explore the mechanisms through which we experience pain, and how painkillers are designed to suppress these pathways. This is one of the many reasons why I want to pursue a degree in biochemistry, to study the complex chemical processes in the body.

In my GCSE and A-level studies, I have demonstrated that I have a natural instinct for science. Taking Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A-level has given me the opportunity to study these subjects in more depth, intensifying my interest.

In Chemistry, I have particularly enjoyed the problem solving nature of chemical equilibria and entropy topics and am fascinated by the complexity of organic chemistry.

I am particularly interested in how the structure of organic molecules relates to their chemical reactions and how this can be employed usefully in the pharmaceutical industry.

In Biology, I enjoy topics relating to the human body and understanding its function at a molecular and cellular level, through studying genetics and the immune system. I have developed analytical skills that help me interpret graphical and numerical data.

I am fascinated by how our bodies are adapted to fighting disease, and I have really enjoyed learning about the non-specific and specific immune responses that enable it to do this. But even with our elegant defence mechanisms, our bodies still fail to combat many of these pathogens. This is where drugs can help, and why I think that studying a biochemistry course is particularly relevant.

Studying psychology, I have learnt how to memorise numerous research studies in great depth and how to evaluate and interpret them. I have particularly enjoyed learning about how the brain creates and stores memories, and about behavioural and evolutionary theories of attachment.

My interest in science goes beyond the classroom. As a school prefect, I have been a mentor, helping the lower years to cope with personal problems that may be affecting their schoolwork.

This experience enhanced my confidence and communication skills and the ability to explain and teach something. I have also supported Year 8 pupils in their Science lessons, helping them understand the content fully and to increase their confidence.

I have also helped Year 7 pupils in maths, showing them different methods of solving problems. This demonstrates that I am a responsible and trustworthy person. I am also able to work in a team and under pressure; as well as being part of the social committee in school, I was also nominated to be head girl. These experiences have developed my interpersonal and organisational skills.

I volunteer at Northwick Park Hospital's cafe and have worked for 6 weeks in Boots pharmacy which improved my teamwork skills. Here I was fascinated by how important different types of drugs are used in treating patients and allowing them to carry out normal daily activities.

These experiences developed my interpersonal skills in a way that I had not had the opportunity to do beforehand.

In my spare time I like listening to music and reading novels as well as playing basket ball and netball which help my team work and leadership skills. I like to draw and enjoy painting as it enhances my visual skills and helps me to relax.

I believe that studying at university will stretch me and provide further challenges that I am keen to take on. I am a motivated, responsible, mature and determined person and am certain that biochemistry in the right course for me.

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Your statement is very

Your statement is very inspiring! I want to get a degree in biochemistry before going on to medical school. Its good to see more people interested in biochemistry, it has amazing possibilities. I don't know many other people interested in biochemistry. Best of luck to you!

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