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Anthropologist, Eric Wolf noted that anthropology is 'The most scientific of the humanities and the most humanistic of the sciences', this is something I believe to be true about anthropology. The rapid change that has occurred within women's rights is a field that has fascinated me since studying the suffragette movement in A-level History. My research on the Pankhurst family has enabled me to compare the way women were viewed in society in the late 1800s to the present day. Females were considered fragile and seen as ornaments only fit for one purpose; child rearing, and were unable to have careers. Today's women are not obliged to marry or even have children; they can go into respected and well-paid careers like law, teaching, or medicine. Thanks to the work of the women before us, we now have a society that does not base its judgements on gender. In the early 1900s women believed that by obtaining the vote, and earning a role in politics, would solve all their gender-based problems. Christabel Pankhurst in particular believed that, as a middle class citizen, to be able to vote meant that she could follow her dream of becoming a barrister, it was after she graduated that she decided to take a more active role in the suffrage campaign. I think that it was courage, conviction and persistence that enabled women to get the vote. The way in which societies work, communicate and function, has motivated me to study something that I clearly would be passionate about.

I think that it is crucial in this course to be able to communicate effectively, and through my work as a waitress for the past year I have developed good interpersonal skills with a range of customers and staff. Starting a second job at a local restaurant has helped me gain more independence and improve my time management and organisational skills needed when juggling two jobs. It has also given me a taster for what a busy working environment is like and how to handle completing tasks under pressure.
I have also done a lot of voluntary work, through my high school years. In year 10, I did work experience, as an assistant at a private nursery. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and met parents and children from all different backgrounds and liked this position of responsibility. I furthered my volunteer work at my local primary school, assisting teachers in their after school programmes, whilst gaining more responsibility and independence again. In year 12 I organised my own work experience, where I marshalled with a judge at Liverpool crown court. This experience was insightful because it enabled me to get a greater understanding of the criminal justice system and social issues.

I became interested in such court proceedings in my previous school, when my school participated in a mock trial competition, taking the roles of both the legal advisor and solicitor. The former made me responsible for the organisation and smooth running of the trial, and through acting as solicitor I developed my communication and analytical skills as well as quick thinking when a problem arose in the proceedings.

I enjoyed my time in the lower school. I played netball and hockey, and I achieved Grade 4 standard in the violin. I was also selected as a prefect and student councillor so that I could voice the opinions of my fellow students. At Calday, I have again taken up the role of student representative for my form on the student council. This is because I thrive in positions of responsibility.

If I were to be offered a place on your anthropology course, I feel that I would seek to make a positive contribution to both the department and the university in general.

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This personal statement was written by sunshine89 for application in 2007.

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it was really hard to write but i just sat down and did it in one go. then i made the changes i needed to with the help of my teacher. i applied to glasgow, manchester, soas, liverpool and durham.


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which uni's did you get offers from?

Kotak said, "Anthropology is

Kotak said, "Anthropology is the most scientific of the humanities and the most humanistic of the sciences."


Thank you for your article post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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