Adult Nursing Personal Statement Example 3

Nursing is a very challenging and demanding career, however I feel the rewards would be great and that I am ready to embark on this career.

I am eager to pursue a career in which I am able to help and care for people, becoming a nurse would allow me to fulfil this ambition.

Nursing is a career for dedicated, reliable, trusting people who are able to develop relationships with patients quickly. I have these skills and I genuinely want to make a difference to people, to assist them and their families through difficult times when they are at their most vulnerable.

The role of nursing is changing as nurses are far more involved in the welfare of patients and this is placing more responsibility on nurses. I am confident of embracing this challenge and to take advantage of these changes and opportunities and use them to further my career.

At school I am involved in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and have completed bronze and silver levels.

Aspects of the Duke of Edinburgh involved working as part of a group, this has helped me become an effective team player which I believe will be useful in the nursing environment as it will be necessary to use this strength to communicate successfully with other health professionals to determine what level of care is best for a patient. I am also involved in the music department as part of two choirs and a guitar group.

I perform learning support once a week with a girl with additional support needs. This involves undertaking activities with her and supporting her to communicate difficulties when she is finding things challenging.

This is very rewarding as I can see what a difference it makes for her to have someone who is willing to listen, and has made me realise how important this skill is when caring for people. Another activity I find rewarding is performing in-class support with a second year science class.

I am a young leader at Aberlady Rainbows and Guides and this is very valuable to me as I interact with the girls and participate in activities with them. It has greatly increased my confidence as I often have to talk to the girls in a group setting and this has developed my interpersonal skills.

I am also involved in the peer education scheme '4' which involves going to different Guiding units and raising awareness of issues through activities and games. This has been incredibly beneficial for my confidence and my planning and organisational skills.

These skills have been developed as I have to co-ordinate the sessions as well as talking to a group of people that I am not familiar with. As one of only two in4mers in East Lothian this role is very demanding.

I have been employed as a waitress for three years in the local hotel. This has been excellent for my interpersonal skills as it involves talking to people I am not familiar with. A skill that will be transferable to nursing. I have also undertaken work experience, through school, at Harlawhill Day Care Centre.

This gave me a useful insight into the caring profession and has increased my motivation to work within it. I organised my own work experience at the Edington Cottage Hospital and this gave me an idea of what working in a hospital setting will be like.

Both experiences served to fuel my desire to gain entry to the nursing profession. I also plan to work as a nursing auxiliary through the nurse bank next summer.

In the future I may wish to pursue a career in Paediatric nursing and I feel that an adult nursing degree will be the first step in giving me this opportunity.

I am deeply passionate about nursing and I am already looking forward to a long and fulfilling career in this field. I am the first person in my family to pursue further education.

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This personal statement was written by laura257 for application in 2008.


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thank you

i'm also doing my personal statement, thanks for sharing yours..i also quoted few lines in your statement because i am not that good in writing..thanks again!




Hey, this is really great, i love the first paragraph think i am going to use it. Thanx alot good luck!

I am planning on applying for

I am planning on applying for uni next year i too am the first in the family to pursue this. I was terrified of making such a fool of my self on my statment but reading yours has giveen such confidence to try again.

very good statement, thanks

very good statement, thanks for the idea.

how can i write my personal statement

am nurse and would like to continue my study in uk in oncology speciatlty and i dont know how to stat my statement .plze help me

very aspiring

i was just in the middle of writting my statement when i thought of sighting a few examples luckly for me, i found i have to start all over. i can assure you will be a good role modle in your family. keep it up, you have a future. thanks


Thank u for sharing your statement its now kick started me to do mine!

very helpful

thank you .it was really helpful..

You're statement has really

You're statement has really helped...Thanks! Now i know where to begin!

Thank you it really has

Thank you it really has helped.

Thanks i had no idea how to

Thanks i had no idea how to start.May God contuine to bless you


I really appreciate your effort to contribute such a simple but effective personal statement. Its very helpful. Thanks for guiding

a very good statment

a very good statment

thank you

I am just finishing my port folio and the personal statement was filling me with dread,your example was brilliant,thank you for sharing xx

Brilliant! Many Thnx (=

Brilliant! Many Thnx (=

Thank you

have to say was so stuck on what to write thank you for the brain motivation cause its not easy to hype your self up

thanks you

Thank you!

Your personal statement has been extremely useful in guiding me. I didn't know where to begin but thanks to you, I am on my way to writing a great personal statement. Thank you so much!

thanx i was really stuck on

thanx i was really stuck on what they would expect to write in our personal statements but reading yours really helped me with how it should be done

thank you for this it really

thank you for this it really helped!!!
i have been able to finsh my P.S. for university now! :D


thanks this was amazing really helped your a star xxx


You have very generously helped a lot of people including me, thanks a lot and good luck to everyone x

Thank you

This has been a great help with my opening paragraph, thanks for all your help :)

did you get into uni using

did you get into uni using this personal statement?

It is too wordy and distracts

It is too wordy and distracts from the main points that the author wants to express.

thank you. . x

your personal statement was really great help thanks a lot! i've been struggling on how to start it and looking at yours made it very easy for me! it also made me very sure about choosing this career! x x x x thanks again

thanks x x i found this a

thanks x x i found this a great help as i really never knew where to start first your statement looked so professional hope mine can to!


Im currently studying health and social care in college and i reli want to do peadiatric nursing. Thanks for your personal statement it reli helped me.x

this is really useful. i have

this is really useful. i have been working on my statement for the past month and had no idea what to put in it. thanks. its really good.

Thank you so much for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing your statement, i found it very helpful

This is an amazing personal

This is an amazing personal statement, it has really given me a good starting!

Thanks for sharing it :)

Cheers for letting me have a

Cheers for letting me have a look - hopefully i can start mine - only problem i know what i want to say but i just cant write it on paper!!

you have sucha gud statement,

you have sucha gud statement, it helps alot! thanxz! all d besttt....


i like your statement thanks it helped me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi this is diljeet and i really like your essay me going univastaty the oxford one and me copy your one and they give me interview as you helped me can you please help me with interview? me number is
01273 456542


Thank you for sharing this comment, I found this really useful as I will be applying for University soon and I needed to start my personal statement asap. I helped me gain an understandin on how to start it and set one out. So thanks again.
x x x

THANX I have been struggling

THANX I have been struggling on this for a bit now an ive found this really helpful. Its got my brain ticking now lol

thankyou it was so helpful to

thankyou it was so helpful to read this as i am really srtuggling to write my midwifery personal statement. it is very well constructed and interesting to read. a great help thankyou xxx

Thankyou very much this is a

Thankyou very much this is a brilliant personal statement and help me on the right tracks what to write. Thankyou again x


hi thanks, i have just i a look at your personal statement. i found it really helpful, i have been struggling on starting mine,but now no where and how to begin. thanks alot a good luck with your career.

thanks for letting us all

thanks for letting us all have a wee swatch at a personal statement for nursing as the schools aren't really prepared for it and don't have any helpful notes so it was VERY helpful to see yours. thanks again.


thanks alot

thank you so much for this my friends have done thers and i was reli struggling. it wasnt stuff to write about my self it was what to include i was struggling with!
so thanks alot!!! :-)

This was a very god personal

This was a very god personal statement and i think alot of us have benefited from it :D
Thanks again!!

thank you for sharing, best

thank you for sharing, best example I have seen so far!x


thank lds ur a star lol

i am young girl who aged 18

i am young girl who aged 18 years old i would like to become a nurse i am learning in health and social care i thing it`s easy but i am not friendly


iam saamiyah i live in england i am student at college of north east london i study health and social care i get upset when i first started but now i am like a teacher i am not really teacher just like and i hope to be come anurse

thanx found this very useful

Very goood

Thank you so much 4 sharing this with us!! Realy helped and its really good xx

Its alrite like

Its alrite like
nothing special


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