Why Apply To Grad School?

If you’re thinking about applying for graduate school, but still not 100% certain about taking the plunge, we outline the top reasons why undertaking further college studies is a great idea.

1. Learn more about your subject

Passion and enthusiasm for a subject is a great drive for many people that decide to apply to grad school once they’ve completed their college degree (let’s face it - who wants to spend another three years and lots of money studying something that they’re not really interested in?).

Think about topics you were introduced to during your Bachelor's degree - were there any you would love to find out more about?

If there are, then graduate school can satisfy your intellectual curiosity, while allowing you to gain another qualification.

Already have a specific subject in mind? Take a look at our graduate application guides for Business School, Law School and Medical School.

2. An opportunity to carry out research

Studying at graduate school means you can solve problems and learn new skills by performing your own research.

Some people get a buzz out of knowing they are contributing knowledge to their field, and that this can be built upon further in the future.

There is also the chance you will get recognised academically by being asked to present a paper, speak at a conference or help with a project.

3. Become an academic

Generally, if you want to become a college professor in the States you will need to have a PhD.

So if you feel a career in academia is the right path you, then a Phd program at a grad school is likely to be a good choice. This will allow you to do your own research, write publications and possibly influence others in your field.

4. Stand out in the job market

Those holding a grad school qualification are usually in a better position for getting jobs with higher starting salaries.

With more and more people choosing to attend grad school, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to appeal to employers with only a Bachelor’s degree.

5. Start your own company

Learning cutting-edge techniques and ideas during your grad school course can provide the best preparation if you have entrepreneurial flair and wish to run your own business.

Equipped with the latest skills and knowledge, you will already be at the forefront of your field, and have the best chance of making your new venture succeed.

6. Personal development

Attending grad school is about more than just getting a few more letters after your name and another qualification under your belt.

You’ll gain new knowledge and skills, and learn to push yourself mentally.

This will prove invaluable on your resume to potential employers when you leave and start looking for a job.

7. Networking

Two years at grad school will allow you to grow professionally, as well as personally, and part of this will involve building up contacts and relationships with faculty members and other individuals in your field.

By doing this, not only will you learn more through collaboration and discussion, but also develop your people skills.

8. Access to the best resources

Grad school will expose you to the best out there in your field, in terms of both people and materials.

Working alongside leading experts in the subject should inspire and motivate you to succeed on your course, while using the latest technologies and equipment available.

9. International recognition

Your grad school qualification is also a ticket to working anywhere in the world, as it will be recognised around the world by potential employers.

This is particularly important to those who are international students, or wish to work overseas once they have completed their course.

10. Increase your financial prospects

Research shows that those with a grad school qualification can earn up to $30,000 more per year than undergraduates.

This is a huge financial gain over a lifetime, proving that an extra degree provides an enormous boost when it comes to employment opportunites and remuneration packages.


Hopefully the above reasons convince you that grad school is the right step for you (or have made you realise it isn't!), but whichever path you choose, best of luck with your future!

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