PhD Entry Requirements

To study at PhD level you will need an undergraduate honours degree as a minimum.

If you’re applying directly from an undergraduate degree you will usually need a 2:1 (i.e. upper second class degree) or higher. If you’ve achieved a 2:2 or less you will need to spend a year studying a Masters degree before moving on to start your PhD.

For some of the arts subjects even with a first class degree you will need to study a Masters before beginning your PhD.

Notwithstanding these entry requirements, acceptance onto a PhD is not guaranteed.

You will also need to submit a research proposal on your proposed subject matter, (please refer to choosing a PhD topic) before you then attend an academic PhD admissions interview.

A PhD is not for everyone but if you persevere and complete one, the satisfaction and fulfilment is overwhelming, along with the public recognition on your research findings, and don’t forget the first-class career opportunities which will open up for you.

Further information

For more tips and advice on applying for a PhD, please see: