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For as long as I can remember I have been interested in sciences. Science is a multi faceted subject which I enjoy as there is no limit to the information I can learn. I am interested in a career in vet medicine not only because of a wish to help but also due to a desire to find out what went wrong and to discover ways in which the problem could be fixed. I am a highly motivated person and feel I would thrive in this difficult course.

To further my knowledge of this subject I volunteer at Gorgie Farm two Saturdays a month. Here I take part in daily husbandry tasks which have shown me the less glamorous more challenging, grimy and routine side of caring for animals but also allowed me to get close to all sorts of animals ranging from horses to mice. I have also spent 3 days in the SAC in Perth where I spent most of my time shadowing a vet investigation officer but also spent some time in the laboratories observing exploratory and diagnostic techniques.

During this time I observed the postmortems of 34 pheasants, 2 calves, and 2 sheep. This gave me a chance to see the inside of animals and to discover more about the field of investigation. I was also able to observe the postmortem of a golden retriever which enabled me to observe ways of communicating with emotional owners. Investigation is a subject I am interested in finding out more about.

I was also able to assist in the preparation of samples for histopathology taking samples from many internal organs. I have been part of Pathways to the Professions for 3 years, and have attended lectures and other events including Kickstart summer school where I experienced subjects like vet nursing, chemistry, biology, psychology and physics at university level. I also have a weeks placement organised over Easter in a small animal practice.

I am a responsible, trustworthy student which I feel is show through my positions as vice house captain and director of school's jazz band. I am also involved in mentoring two classes in music and maths and am a peer mediator which has helped improve both my confidence in dealing with people and my listening skills.

Music has featured in my life from an early age I have played both piano and trumpet for 10 years and have sat associated board exams in both instruments achieving an average mark of 122. I am now working towards grade 8 trumpet in March. I have been involved in school bands for 6 years which has also allowed me to attend workshops with the Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

I am also involved in Edinburgh Schools Wind Ensemble, where I now play principal trumpet, and Edinburgh Schools Jazz Orchestra and have enjoyed playing in prestigious locations including the Jam House, Ross Bandstand and the Usher Hall. I also enjoy singing and have been involved in both my school choir and Edinburgh Schools Gospel Choir. I look forward to being able to continue to play in bands.

During summer I was a trainee leader at a Scripture Union residential camp. During this week I was jointly responsible for a group of six girls which greatly improved my people skills and my confidence. Through leading group sessions and games I became more assertive and adaptable improving my ability to deal with unknown, difficult situations. I also developed my teamwork skills and ability to follow instructions as I worked with a team of more experienced leaders.

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This personal statement was written by eilidhc90 for application in 2008.

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This is my statement for 2008 entry for vet medicine! I got interviews but no offers due to not enough experience! Oh well there's always next year with some more experience and a gap year would be quite a good thing really!


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Have you had any interveiws

Have you had any interveiws etc??

Well yeah i took 4 AH's I'm

Well yeah i took 4 AH's I'm just a little mad i know but it's been fun and not too manic! I got a few interviews but no offers not due to the statement but due to my lack of experience! My advice is to get as much as you can or nothing else matters!

Matthew Cooooooke

Apologies for the insult, I just though your ps was utterly

i tink its not ur experience

i tink its not ur experience cz i had much less than that...n u wont have gotten interviews if they tot ur exp wasnt enuf...mayb try to improve on ur interview skills...and try to show ur passion and interest more :) hope that helps...i got a place in Uni for 2008 entry

well you only do 2 days

well you only do 2 days experience a month so there no wonder u didnt get in really. Just for the vet nursing degree u have to have more than that. u sound like ur more interested in band than working with animals to be honest. but i think its a ok..........need more vet medicine personal statements!!!

If anybody is interested I

If anybody is interested I have uploaded my vet med personal statement so there is a little more to look at on the website. I am more than happy to accept constructive criticism, however certain people commenting here may wish to remember that people only upload their statements to help others write theirs. I really do not see any reason to be rude to somebody who is trying to help you. You may not like this statement as a whole but there is always something to be learned.

You seem to be quite

You seem to be quite intelligent, but to be honest you don't appear to be that interested in veterinary medicine. You also come across rather arrogant, and more interested in the music you do than the course you want to apply for, maybe try showing more passion for the course you want to do next time, and don't just rely on your grades and your IQ superiority.

Ok right. Now I'm aware that

Ok right. Now I'm aware that your all entitled to your own opinions about my statement and I apriciate all your comments but given that I'm not a professional ps writer I do think some of your comments are rather harsh!

If you dont like it, dont take anything from it simple. It's only here so that people who want some examples to read have something to either use as a good or bad example whichever they think!

And just one last thing. I used a very similar statement in my 2009 application and was accepted by two out of the 3 vet schools i applyed to. So obviously the people who matter thought it was good enough to interview me and give me a place!


I really like your personal statement, it shows your academic intelligence aswell as your other atributes. I think that the terminology you used was good, and it didn't sound as if you were just trying to be smart. Which vet schools did you apply to for 2008 and 2009. How much and what kind of extra experience did you gain in your gap year?


writing a personal statement is IMPOSSIBLE!
thank you so much for being one of the very very few people who donated their personal statement to this website!it was very useful to me and i wish you all the best in the future and tbh i cant understand why you didnt get in cos you got did you say 3 As?...and loads of work experience to me!...ah wel! out of interest where did you appply to?

not bad

i am applying for aveterinary nursing course and your personal statement is good but i kinda agree with some people that you need more experience. i live on a farm which did help but when i mentioned that i worked in a cattle auctioneers and showed pedigree bulls and stuff they loved that. you really have to go out your way to get experience. i travelled for an hour everyday to get to a vets practice for work experience! best of luck to you though :)

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