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I have always wanted to be a vet and love animals. I am studying biology which I find particularly fascinating, chemistry, maths, history and animal related diplomas. I am looking at the link between euthanasia and lameness in horses as an Extended Project.

During my 2 weeks at a small animal practice I watched spays, castrations, dentistry and vaccinations. The sensitivity demonstrated when pets had to be euthanized I found most impressive. During my work experience at mixed, small animal and exotics practices, I observed the handling of emergencies, allergic reactions in animals and the issue of cost versus best course of treatment as well as performing dogs' dentals and attending a CPD lecture on anaesthetics. Vetquest, Vetcam and Future Doctors' clinical course helped to convince me to study veterinary science.

Through farm work experience, which has included milking, lambing and calving, I developed my farm animal husbandry skills. I was placed in charge of the orphaned and weaker animals, feeding and medicating them and giving electrolytes via gastric tubes. Having helped tag calves and record details on the farm's computer; I was amazed at the importance of technology in farming.

I spent a day with a market vet and 2 weeks at cat adoption centre learning about different elements of veterinary medicine. During my 2 weeks at a zoo/animal college, I learnt about the skills required to look after a vast array of animals, from alpacas to tarantulas. I also presented animals to the public and fielded questions. I learnt about maintaining fish tanks during my placement at a pet shop. I spent 2 weeks caring for partridges. Currently I am involved in corn snake and bearded dragon breeding programs and have bred from my own dogs. I am a licensed microchipper. I booked work experience at an abattoir.

During work experience on a neonatology ward I saw the huge difference in cost spent on human life compared to animals. I am keen to do research and spent 3 months collaborating on a project to evaluate the average sizes of human foetuses at different gestation and another project determining if Vecuronium influenced outcomes of infants (paper pending). Both projects illustrated to me the importance of accurate data collection as did the week I spent at a laboratory exploring cardiac hypertrophy in a mouse model.

I assisted in a research project in Ireland, taking calves' blood samples to test the effect of a vaccine. My free time is dedicated to reading and horse riding. While spending 6 months working at a mixed horseracing yard, I learnt how to ride racehorses and the high level of care they need. The experience inspired me into researching the retirement of racehorses and motivated me to raise money for the charity ROR. I have a chestnut thoroughbred mare, whom I compete at affiliated dressage, show jumping, showing and Le Trec. I have trained police horses, worked at riding schools, taught others to ride, dressage writing, show jump judging and showing judging. At one of my placements I was given the responsibility of running the livery yard.

As Biology and Chemistry editor for the school magazine, I was responsible for writing articles and delegating others to write. In school I have performed presentations on topics from Charles Darwin to the effect of music on racehorses. I have done my community sports leadership award, ECDL and bronze D of E. For the last 3 years I helped to run a badminton club and a history GCSE revision club.

I have mentored younger pupils, helping them in their transition to secondary school. I volunteer three times a week looking after elderly and disabled adults and special needs children, and participate in a residential volunteer holiday scheme looking after disabled teenagers. I would give anything in the world to be able to prevent animals' suffering. I am a dedicated determined pupil and feel that given the opportunity to study veterinary science I could achieve so much in the long term.

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This personal statement was written by Toni42 for application in 2011.

Veterinary Medicine at Imperial College London

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My personal statement is the results of at least 20 drafts. I am aware it does not flow and lacks a lot of description but it still got my two interviews, at RVC and Liverpool (Cambridge rejected me due to my As modules not being high enough and Bristol I believe did because I failed to mention the pig and poultry work experience I had done in my statement). I am just starting veterinary medicine at RVC and absolutely ecstatic about it. One very random non personal statement word of advice never give up!


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Wow! How much work experience do you need, that's not an insult by the way. :P Good on you, i hope you do well.

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