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I have always been interested in what makes society work and how the actions of individuals affect society as a whole. So when I was given the opportunity to study sociology at A level I jumped at it. I find it intriguing to hear what sociologists have to say about society and how they propose to tackle social problems.

The recent change in government and the subsequent changes in policy, have highlighted the importance of social policy and have shown me how sociology can be used to make a change in our society. Sociology is an important subject to study as it is something that affects all aspects of our lives.

I have always questioned the norm and am attracted to the subject by its ability to provide numerous explanations for society. I am forever seeing things in everyday life and connecting it to the sociological theories that I have learnt. I believe that it is important to understand social policy and during the recent election found that matters of social policy played a large part in who I decided to vote for.

I am aware that the country is currently facing a number of social problems such as high levels of unemployment, lack of housing and cuts in public spending and am interested in how to tackle them.

My A level subjects have given me transferrable skills such as essay writing, thinking critically and being analytical, which will aid me in my studies at degree level. In Sociology, I particularly enjoyed studying modules on class, education, and crime and deviance. I have felt somewhat sympathetic to the Marxist perspective.

Living in London, my eyes have always been open to economic oppression and the false consciousness that many of us live in. Sometimes it is easy to feel as though there is an invisible force, making life harder for the poor, whilst helping the rich.

The Functionalist view that everything, in society, serves a purpose does seem to make sense, however I find it particularly disturbing as I find it hard to believe one can see crimes such a rape and genocide as having a function.

I also found globalisation interesting, especially as it is a change that I have been able to observe first hand. I would like to learn more about globalisation, current and proposed social policies and gain a deeper insight into the perspectives.

I would also like to learn about society in modern day Britain as the country has changed dramatically over the past few years and it would be interesting to investigate whether the classical sociological theories are still relevant.

Outside of my studies, I have taken part in the Teenage Poetry slam, I was also part of the school enterprise group. As a school prefect I was able to research the changes that other students wanted and work towards getting them implemented. I believe that similarly sociologists should use their research to create change for the better.

My interests outside of school involve acting as it allows me to put myself in the shoes of other people. I regularly volunteer at my local youth club and have worked as a carer to disabled children.

I believe that it is important to help others. I hope to continue to pursue my extra curricular activities at university through societies and to discover new interests. I intend use my gap year to improve my A level grades, save some money for university and gain some relevant work experience.

I have recently started some part time work as a mystery shopper. I believe that this will give me some experience in research methods as I will be covertly collecting data in a sociological manner. I enjoy reading both fiction and non fiction and have acquired a small library of sociology and social policy books.

I am currently reading Liquid Love by Zygmunt Bauman and intend to read some more in my gap year. I am a hardworking, reliable and enthusiastic student and believe that my sixth form has prepared me for university. I enjoy learning about society and look forward to a challenging and thought provoking degree.

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This personal statement was written by gapyah for application in 2011.

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This was the last version of my personal statement to study sociology for this year. I applied for sociology and sociology and social policy. It took me ages to do this and got me 5 offers. I am a re-sit student as I missed my offer for 2010 cycle. Don't copy it as it has been through UCAS and you'll get flagged.
University of Leeds - Sociology - offer
Aston University - Sociology- Offer
The University of Birmingham - Sociology -Offer
The University of Birmingham - Sociology and Social Policy- Offer
The University of Sheffield - Sociology and Social Policy - Offer


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