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For me, a Londoner with an ethnic background that spans two continents, I am constantly aware of the diversity in just one city. Listening to conversations of tube travellers speaking different languages and dressed in a range of fashions, I am reminded of the celebration of cultures that we British embrace. We are global citizens doing what we can to promote and enjoy our own individuality in a hectic and cosmopolitan city. In our ever-changing society, the study of how people and social structures interact is more relevant than ever. Beck describes the current state of our disarrayed society as having increased manufactured risk. The diverse and dynamic nature of multicultural Britain incorporating the heterogeneity of global cultures requires sociologists to look, think and examine society in order to begin to ascertain the developments within.

My A Levels have taught me to interpret and scrutinise data as well as looking for the reasoning and rationale behind why people do the things they do. Is it a reaction to the pressures of society or is it a choice based upon free will? Is it grounded on how we believe we are perceived or how we would like to be perceived by others? Aristotle wrote, "Good moral character is not something that we can achieve on our own". I am interested in how we make social decisions, if we are influenced by ideologies or by others. How do we know if who we are is who we would want to be or who we think we ought to be? Zygmunt Bauman describes the increasingly impossible aspect of self-identity as liquid modernity. Perhaps this is the reason why so many people struggle with their own sense of identity. We are so busy trying to determine what it is we should seek to convey to others that we have forgotten how to be true to ourselves.

My EPQ is focused on the role of migration in the resurgence of Tuberculosis (TB) in London. Current research has demonstrated that continuous migration within London may never eradicate TB completely, although, the incidence can be significantly reduced by improving public awareness of TB. Key factors in making this change would be understanding the health beliefs of the public and communicating information in their native languages. I would like the opportunity to analyse the impact of social policy on public health, especially in relation to reversing the spread of diseases.

I have travelled to countries across Europe, Africa and Australia, regardless of the location, the differences and similarities between the ways we live as individuals remain. Spending time volunteering in centres for children who suffer from Cerebral Palsy and Autism has made me realise the difficulties some families face. Increased diversification, globalisation and a scarcity of resources has led to a complex society whereby the rich can access what they need and the poor amongst us increasingly have to fend for themselves. Religious Studies and Sociology have furthered my understanding of the impact of religion and culture in society.

Two contrasting experiences of volunteering with a charity supporting the reading and development of literacy for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and working at a well resourced local school, as part of my Year 12 work experience, have developed my appreciation of the diverse nature of our society. I would like to look at how we can harness the power of the diversity so that it can become a strength rather than perceived as a division. Effective social policy could address real issues of discrimination and lead to real social change.

My choice to study Sociology will allow me to develop my interest in Public Health. In particular, how messages around health are communicated to people, whether it is through social media, literature or television, recognising the need for differentiated materials to suit our diverse population and society. After completing my degree, my aim is to pursue a career within the Public health sector, here in the UK.

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This took me about 15 different drafts, and I am very happy with the final piece.

I found it very difficult to start writing this as there are not many Sociology-based personal statements to gain some kind of idea about what to include in it.

Please do not copy any of this as it is my own work, which I spend a lot of time on, and UCAS check for any similarities between personal statements.


University of Birmingham - Sociology and Social Policy = Offer Made
University of Birmingham - Social Policy (with Study Abroad) = Offer Made
University of York - Sociology with Social Psychology = Offer Made
University of Sussex - Sociology = Offer Made
Queen's University, Belfast = Offer Made


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