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Mathematics is beautiful to me because of the deep and meaningful ideas touched upon by it, the vastness of these ideas, the clearness and elegance of their representation. Mathematics gives me the ability to apply knowledge by approaching things logically, and thinking clearly. Compared to any other fields of knowledge, mathematics is the only one where all that we know has been proven to be true.

I believe in empirical knowledge, and that you can never truly understand something without having experienced it first. This is why I not only think, but act. I have tried many different activities, including art (different drawing techniques and sculpture), music (I play six instruments and have studied music theory), dance (oriental, salsa, ballet, and modern), various sports (swimming, badminton, horse riding), and yoga. I enjoy discovering new things, and to ease communication am currently learning Spanish, in addition to the three languages that I am already fluent in. I have also done a year of Latin, and 4 years of German. Travelling extensively has allowed me to use my linguistic skills. I have a broad cultural base, having lived in Russia, and Belgium, and going to the European school. The school in particular has been excellent, not only because of the broad curriculum but also the multicultural community I was exposed to.

In addition to the mathematics I do at school, I have read around the subject and am going weekly to lectures at the University of Brussels. I have also been able to take part in three mathematics competitions: the UK Intermediate Mathematical Challenge (2002, 2003), and the International School Mathematics Teachers Foundation competition (2003).

I am interested in all the sciences, especially biology, genetics and astrophysics. I have also some knowledge of artificial intelligence, for I have taken part in three big AI conferences (AAAI-01, IJCAI-03 and EMSCR-02), and of the international business sector connected with the space and aviation industry. I am currently the director's assistant and webmaster at the International Institute of Applied Technologies.

After dancing, and drawing, my favourite activity is reading. I mainly read scientific works. However I also enjoy books which explore cultural and anthropological perspectives, and those on history and philosophy. My ambitions are to have an interesting life, acquire knowledge and use my potential to the fullest.

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pure mathematics, MA at The University of Edinburgh


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Maybe you should try and be more specific ie dont just list your interests and skills, but how far you have gone in them and how they relate to the degree course.


Hey Kat,

how's it hanging? Just wanted to know about your life and if you are using your potentials to the fullest :-)

greets from Belgium



i think its wonderful u use the word "beautiful" to describe mathematics. your passion really comes across, it's nice to see. I suspect it's all to easy to make a mathematics statement sound dry, especially for people who don't understand how much it changes at a university level. Great stamement!

got into cambridge to do

got into cambridge to do maths but didn't go there?who does that?!


It is hard to see why people are rating this so generously. The author is fascinated by everything but pure maths, has made one or two remarks about it that they think will sell, and gone on to imply that one of the appeals of PURE maths is in APPLYING it. The remainder is about how interested they are in everything that is NOT mathematics. This is all highly implausible and - seemingly - dishonest.

Love the first sentence,

Love the first sentence, really meaningful and it's not cliche. I'm not surprised that all your uni choices accepted you, this is a great statement!

Half of the ps is not about

Half of the ps is not about maths but boosting the writer's skills and enthusiasm about everything. I can't feel the personal part but only the statements. perhaps you don't need a good ps to get into oxbridge.

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