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The beginning of my desire to psychology is based on the media culture. It embraces a diversification of opinions in any societal themes especially mental illness. A Japanese style of animation, Paranoia Agent confirmed my interest and delved my curiosity to psychology. It created untold symbols on the psychological illnesses such as narcissism, schizophrenia, voyeurism and the characters whose maladapted for modern times. When they are on verge of mental break down, defense mechanism of repression exhibited as they got hit by a bat and thus, felt abnormally peace. It acted as an antidote for them in reality. Moreover, my favourite book, The Bell Jar wrote by Sylvia Plath is an exemplar of the societal perception towards the mental illness, especially in my society. It portrays a young woman named Esther went along a trajectory of adolescent development into adulthood but when she culminated into adulthood stage, Esther regressed into madness. Esther's gradual dissent into madness is the outcome of her ego's incapacity that compensates between her id and superego, finally leading to depression and neurosis.

Psychology A level has widened my horizon on the human psyche and it's functioning in the heterogeneous society. The psychological studies I have learned in A level psychology, not only gave me broader perspectives about life and how the environment can have an impact on it, but it also helps me understand the whats and whys it can influence the human functioning. I am fascinated, particularly in human biological and cognitive functionings of people with mental disorders, and how psychological studies on this area have generated different viewpoints and debates among psychologists. E.g., I learned that Gottesman and Shields have concluded that genes may predispose a person towards schizophrenia. But this theory was argued by Jay Joseph, critiquing that genetic traits can interact with environmental factors (stressors) such as child abuse, drug and highly stressful situations, which would lead to the development of schizophrenia. Thus, it is very difficult to conclude on, or to have a definite answer when it comes to human biology and psyche. This is the reason I wish to take psychology related course during my undergraduate study.

Not only it would allow me the opportunity to look into cognitive functioning in detail, but most importantly, if given the chance, it would be a privilege for me to be able to do research or field work in this area of psychology. Apart from learning in school, I also have experience in hospital volunteering. During my volunteering, the paediatric patients were keen to engage any game activities I have offered meanwhile the geriatric patients were keen to show and tell their experiences in there. But more than that, I have learned that these patients have different aspects of their medical care to consider, especially within the framework of palliative and hospice care. When asked to do a rotation week for clinical attachment, I enrolled for it without hesitation. At one time, I was chosen to work as a stage manager on the performance of arts in my school which I enjoyed passionately. It heightened my interaction skills and taught me to adapt new skills such as crafting skills. School and extracurricular activities does emphasised the importance of being an efficient person, especially being a head student during high school. Thus, the time management skills gradually built up on me.

Psychology has heavily influenced me in many aspects of my life and I am immensely prepared to pursue a tertiary education to become a psychological clinician. Furthermore, it is my personal mission to prove my traditional society how significant mental health can be because in our love of dogma and our fear of heresy we might not advance in one whit since the Middle Ages.

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3 unconditional offers and 2 conditional offers:

Neuroscience with Psychology - University of Aberdeen (Unconditional offer)
Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience - University of Essex (Conditional offer)
Psychology - University of Dundee (Conditional offer)
Anthropology - University of Kent (Unconditional offer)
Anthropology - University of Aberdeen (Unconditional offer)

I applied for Anthropology course for a reason and I have never thought I would get accepted.
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