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The pilot profession is one of the most fascinating professions that exist.

To have the knowledge, the ability as well as the responsibility of an aircraft;

To have the passengers trusting you their lives is what attract me the most in this profession. I never thought of becoming a pilot until I started working at Rhodes International Airport four years ago as an airline representative.

This world was new and very stimulating. From that moment on I began an extensive research on everything involving airplanes: started reading articles, journals and forums on the internet.

I was fortunate enough to get first hand information from pilots about the kind of licenses and courses I needed to achieve and the most difficult part how to begin in order to become a pilot one day.

Due to my ramp experience I have had the chance to liaise with numerous pilots and form an opinion about what the characteristic of a good pilot must be.

Pilots have to be responsible as they are in charge of the aircraft they are flying and of the souls in it.

They must be in control at all times because of the adverse circumstances that they might occur during a flight.

What makes me a suitable candidate for the “First Office Program” is the fact that I am ready to learn new things about the profession that I love.

I am hard working, determined, dedicated and have proven my self in working under stressful circumstances. I am an effective communicator and because of my work as an airline representative and as a computer engineer I can work effectively in a team while taking decisions in order to produce the desired result.

I believe I will prove myself to be an asset for the “First Officer Program” because my goal is to become a good pilot one day.

I do have what it takes and I am ready to learn.

All I need is the opportunity to prove that I have the qualifications and the mortification to study about the profession that I want to follow in my life.

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This personal statement was written by aizak for application in 2007.

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It is my first personal statement that i ever wrought so i dont know if i wright it well


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can i have ur email?

can i have ur email?

really good one

really good one


Nice statmrent. Want to hook up?

Hi it's clear that english is

Hi it's clear that english is your 2nd language but i hope you had someone check this as there are many mistakes. The content is great and your clear line of thought will help and inspire others. Do always check long words. In english, longer words always stand out in sentences, the meaning of the word is concentrated upon. Your last sentence,for example uses 'mortification', this defines a feeling of shock and embarassment and is clearly not what you intended.
Please accept this as positive comment as
I only wish my foreign language could be as good as yours clearly is.

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