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Philosophy has captured the minds of many great thinkers for millennia, and will continue to do so indefinitely. In the past three years, I have become deeply fascinated by the questions and thoughts of philosophers. Through my year eleven English and Religious Studies I have been enticed by the heated debates relating to common ethical issues such as abortion, euthanasia, race and prejudice among many more. Conversing with my friends about various moral questions has allowed me to develop and justify my own moral ideas. I believe that philosophy influences everybody; that individual actions have been taken with some form of subconscious philosophical thought. Studying philosophy at university will allow me to focus my curiosity of subjects such as existentialism and ethics further.

Currently I am studying A-level history, geography and economics. I find all three subjects thoroughly enjoyable. I particularly enjoy History: The idea of the how past and present coexist - that they are inseparable, in that what is now has been formed by the past and, therefore, the past shadows the present. Ideas of philosophy and ethics are brought up during lessons which invoke pleasant, intellectual discussion amongst fellow students. Through the study of history, I have learnt how to critically analyse aspects of the subject and come to logical and reasoned conclusions for my ideas. In my coursework I have shown that I'm able to study independently. My essay writing skills grew whilst studying the subject of economics; the subject allowed me to coherently exhibit the application of theories to the real world.

Being able to write well structured essays is an essential skill which I have acquired throughout studying my A-levels and will aid me greatly at university. During my study of human geography I often gain insights into philosophy, for example the debate whether globalisation is good or bad. I was also fortunate enough to have been chosen as one of the higher level students to study Critical Thinking during AS level studies - this allowed me to develop my logic and reasoning skills further which will complement philosophy at degree level.

During Young Enterprise, an opportunity for students to practise business, I was assigned IT director and became an integral part of the company. The role allowed me to utilise my IT skills to benefit the company by increasing efficiency and organisation. Using my invaluable reasoning skills I have contributed to important business decisions along with the company board. Participating in young enterprise was thrilling. Through cooperation, dedication and hard work, we were able to become a successful company. Young Enterprise has helped me develop as an individual; the experience presented me with responsibility and allowed me to complete a fulfilling challenge.

I find participation in team sports is highly rewarding, as such I play for my sixth form rugby team, as well as playing for weekly five a side football and futsal teams. Ice skating is my favourite hobby, because it requires strict discipline and commitment. My curiosity encourages me to widen my knowledge and understanding of philosophical questions: as such I'm currently part way through reading Plato's Republic and Rene Descartes' Discourse on method.

Being the first in my family to apply to university I feel I will greatly benefit from this experience. I look forward to the educational and social benefits which university provides with enthusiasm.

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no way...the ending to your

no way...the ending to your personal statement says the same thing as mine! haha, check mine out :P

I found yours really insightful by the way, thought there were a few a hiccups when readin it, but still concise and to the point :)


haha yeah i really rushed this one!
but this was for entry in 2008.

glad it was some sort of help lol
good luck with yours man :)

do u hav facebook?;)

do u hav facebook?;)


Yeah, I gots facebook =]

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