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What makes me the person I am? What is personhood, or identity? As Plato said "Philosophy begins in wonder." I feel that the study of philosophy will enable me become the person who is able to wonder such questions in a clearer and more logical manner.

A Philosophy degree will provide me with the ability to explore the many different areas of human belief and understanding; and through this test the assumptions that underpin morality. My desire to grasp a deeper understanding of humanity and to grapple with the "big questions" of existence have enthused me with an eagerness to study philosophy at university.

Through attending both a catholic primary and secondary school, the study of religion has always been an integral part of my education. My interest in the subject was broadened through the exposure to books such as Sophie's World (Gaarder) and the studies of theologians such as St. Augustine.

Again, my interest was further extended when I became a member of NAGTY in 2002 by evidencing ability and potential in the fields of English and Philosophy.

An award for the highest attainment in RS followed by a 100% score in my RS GCSE supported my decision to continue my studies to A-level, alongside English language which has equipped me with the essay writing skills I know will prove vital, and combined with the methodical interpretation of society I employ within my Economics course.

The Religious Studies course undertaken thus far has widened my awareness of the different aspects of philosophy through an introduction to ethics, meta-ethics, and epistemology. The logic aspect, although not yet studied, has been addressed by my keenness to apply for Mensa. After sitting two aptitude tests in 2004 I qualified with a result in the top 2% of the UK population.

However, I feel that mere academic achievement is not sufficient in order to fully satisfy the criteria of a philosophy applicant. Through my part-time work I have learnt extensive amounts about society, and the effect of religion especially, upon it.

Through my progression I have discovered how all aspects of life have their own philosophies, i.e. their own questions to be asked, debated and challenged. The analytical abilities and clarity of thought, which are widely valued by employers, are also the ones I know will prove vital in my success at degree level philosophy.

Questions concerning moral values and responsibilities play a key role in many choices and decisions. Although not overtly, many were addressed during my time on the school council as a school representative, where I feel that perhaps the realisation that I have a genuine interest in human thinking and reasoning came about.

I do believe that a career in Law may fullfil the passion I have to seek answers, and so I spent some time for work experience at RupertBearMurrayDavies Solicitors firm.

Here I gained some invaluable skills in learning about the skills I would need to pursue this career. However, I am aware that there are a plethora of fields into which a versatile and respected degree such as philosophy could lead me into, having provided me with a sound foundation of the theory of knowledge, conscience, morality and logic which would strengthen my skills in argument development, proof and deduction, for any future career.

From my experiences thus far I feel that I would be greatly suited to university life, having always made a conscious effort to socialise and take an active part in recreational activities, groups and societies - demonstrated through enrichment activities including first aid, sign language, student investor and the college magazine.

Through a Philosophy degree and the challenges which I am sure are synonymous with university life, I feel I will be able to become aligned with Aristotle when he states "It is the mark of an educated man to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

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This personal statement was written by helen_89 for application in 2007.

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Very difficult to say all i wanted in the limit, but i suppose its okay?


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it's wicked :)

it's wicked :)

If just a little arrogant

If just a little arrogant

nice opening paragraph, very

nice opening paragraph, very personal; this statement is obviously more than just 'ok'; but I do think you should have talked more about your subject-specific interests; what paticular areas of philosophy have you read around, and interest you?

quite well written, and you

quite well written, and you are certinly a very intrestig person,however i feel you spent too much time discussing your various successes and how wonderful you are and not enough time on wht u actually want to do philosophy/ what attracts you to it.

quite well written, and you

quite well written, and you are certainly a very interesting person,however I feel you spent too much time discussing your various successes and how wonderful you are, and not enough time on wht you actually want to do philosophy/ what attracts you to it.

'made a conscious effort to

'made a conscious effort to socialise '
Who has to make a conscious effort to socialise?
I hope you get in, as by the sound of this your personal skills aren't getting you anywhere. (y)

da top smoka

i would use this statement as rizzla paper

I would like to know where

I would like to know where you got in, or didn't get in. I feel there is little substance and a great deal of sudo-intellectual ramble. Although none of this really matters now, if you didn't get in and you are re-applying take some time actually reading the books and thinking about them, rather than telling us how you got 100% in a fairly irrelevant course you did 2 years ago. Good luck!

Truly inspiring!

Truly inspiring!

Attention to detail

First of all, before any other criticism is made, the title is not spelt correctly. Though I imagine you did not do that on your real personal statement, it is still good practice as a philosopher to pay attention to detail such as this.

For a true philosopher, everything that is said is important.

Catholic needs a capital C

Catholic needs a capital C


Yeah !... life is like riding a bicycle. You will not fall unless you stop pedaling!!....


Looking forward to reading more. Great blog post. Will read on...


Your Mensa tests have consequently clouded your judgement, as a result, I am disappointed in your Personal Statement. But then again, it could be worse :)

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