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Being human is being inquisitive, everyday we strive to learn today what we did not know yesterday it is the reason scientific research just keeps going. Like the scientist the Philosopher is constantly building on his knowledge striving for the next step in his hypothesis. I believe it’s this continual thirst for knowledge that makes philosophy so fascinating to me.

My interest in philosophy expands far into my own time having really enjoyed my studies in Philosophy at AS level I chose to assist my teacher, and join him in teaching a younger year class Philosophy. This not only allows my to take part in what interests me outside of my normal lessons, but it also provides me with a wealth of skills I can apply in other areas.

Commitment, Communication, structure through lesson planning, and Confidence just to name a few. During the course I was given the opportunity to take part in a One-Day Student Conference at Friends House in London on Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, having snapped up the chance I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures given by some quite influential philosophers like Keith Ward. For my investigations in AS level I researched Nietzsche’s contribution to philosophy, after reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra I became absorbed by his abstract philosophy’s and have gone on to read many more of his works. This discovery has fuelled me to look further into other philosopher’s works, which has been rewarding.

As work experience I worked for an outside catering company called Barnard Catering for almost three years, during this time I learnt time management skills, initiative, customer service, punctuality and how to work under pressure. After this I found work for a cleaning company, much the same skills are needed as customer service is still primary. Yet as a completely different job I have been required to learn a whole new set of skills relevant to the job at hand, I feel I have managed this as I still work for them.

I enjoy physical activities and opportunity's to push myself as a result my motivation and will power are high, this is essential for the Duke Of Edinburgh Gold Award I am currently completing. This award also requires good leadership skills and can expanded on pre existing ones, this it turn has helped raise confidence in my leadership and group skills.

In July 2009 I cycled with a group of seven cyclists from Saulgond to Portiragnes in France, we covered three hundred and sixty eight miles usually cycling over sixty miles a day for six and a half days. During the trip I was able to learn several new skills like navigation and repair work, and build on pre existing skills like teamwork and communication. I am a confident, determined person, looking forward to the challenges of university academic and social life.

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This personal statement was written by Gizmowright for application in 2010.

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Hay just my first draft hoping to get a bearing on how im doing so far. If you get a chance review it please, an shout me if you want the same done for you. Cheers.


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I'm going to try to be

I'm going to try to be constructive here, not mean and deliberately vindictive in any particular way.

As another student studying philosophy at A2, I would just like to point out that one skill applied at AS philosophy and ethics was the use of quotes to sustain your arguments. I don't see a single use of quotes, nor an explanation of any ideas in any books you have read.

In other words, you have not been able to prove that you have truly studied (not only read, but absorbed its teachings in some way) the books you have mentioned. Summarise a chapter into a sentence or something similar, to prove that you have at least grasped *an* idea of some form.

On a similar note, you may have mentioned in summary what Keith Ward said at Friends House, just to really show you were there.

Actually, other than this, I have no major qualms about the way the latter half of your statement was written.

And now I have to finish my own ;) thanks for some insight given in your statement.

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