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My interest in Politics and Philosophy came to me when I was watching a documentary about the French Revolution and witnessed how philosophy played an influential part in the downfall of Louis XVI and the rise of the first French Republic which wanted a society based on liberty and virtue.

The philosopher which most affected this event and has influenced me the most is Rousseau; his ideas on society have radically changed my political beliefs on how society should be governed. His works led me on to more influential political philosophers such as Karl Marx, Lenin and Voltaire.

These philosophers have made me question our current government and our form of voting and I now see it as corrupt and in need of reform.

Lenin once said, “A lie told often enough becomes a truth”. This describes our current leaders who often lie to extinguish the truth for their own ends. An example of this is the Iraq war which saw Western leaders bathe in the blood of innocents for their own personal wealth.

I am currently a member of the sixth form council which allows me to see what affects my fellow students and allows me to represent them with regards to any problems they may have. I am also a member of the Communist Party of Britain which has allowed me to strengthen my political views in certain areas e.g. my view of the media which has strengthened the importance of the right of free press.

Furthermore, philosophy has made me question the point of organised religion; I feel organised religion will soon die out in technologically advanced countries and will be replaced by more individual beliefs.

This is becoming true because in most developed countries we see a rise in individual and spiritual religion such as Deism and Luciferianism which have more independent belief systems. Looking into these religions has made me question my religious beliefs and has allowed me to choose a religion that suits me as well as gain knowledge of all the different beliefs that are followed throughout the world.

My interest in Philosophy and Politics has made me a more rounded individual and made me want to improve myself more through further study. University will progress my knowledge of schools of Philosophy and Politics. It will allow me to meet other people from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Also, it will make a good foundation for my future career. I look forward to more independence and a more advanced level of study. This will come in useful because, in the future, I want to work within government as a politician to try to produce change in what I feel is a corrupt system; I wish to see a more equal society.

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