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Yearly family gatherings always are a linguistic challenge for me. The unfamiliarity of asking my relatives from Bavaria numerous times to repeat themselves often caused me to feel like we speak entirely different languages – albeit we were taught the same rules of pronunciation, grammar and meaning. In my recent German course the topic of language variations was addressed and broadened with matters like idiolects and sociolects in connection with literary naturalism and I think it to be astounding how much language can reveal about individuals. Hopefully, taking a linguistic subject to university level will provide me with further skills and knowledge to understand the diverse varieties of not only my mother tongue but also my second language, English.
Moreover, I am an avid reader and in preparation for my English Advanced Course I started reading English books a few years prior to extend my vocabulary and knowledge about idioms. Whilst working with classics like Shakespeare’s “Othello”, Jane Austen’s “Northanger Abbey” and modern novels, I became curious about the historical distinctions between the authors’ language. I enjoyed the investigative work linked to researching words and expressions I normally use on a daily basis but didn’t recognize in Shakespearean orthography.
My chosen advanced courses in English and history equip me with analytical and evaluative methods. When dealing with non-fictional and informative texts or contemporary sources in connection with topics like the “French Revolution” or “Ethnic Diversity” I gained insight on how to outline important information, analyze significant parts of language and argumentative structure and assessing the author’s credibility and that of his reasonings and intention.
Furthermore, due to my involvement with an athletic club for nearly nine years I am often working voluntarily as a helper in coordination of sports events and I was elected to the committee which is planning this year’s prom. Mediation between various ideas and visions and working together in stressful phases have taught me the importance of teamwork and communication, to be successful.
However, during the independent research required for my final exam in the form of a presentation in German in June I likewise learned to work more structured. I developed abilities in time management and preventing serious distractions and I recognized the importance of deadlines and confidence when I was asked to present my current results to my tutor.
Apart from knowing that I first wish to obtain a little work experience by doing internships in various occupations before going into postgraduate study, I am not certain about my future career plans after university yet. I believe to be introduced to several examples to possible professions while studying. However, I do know, due to visiting several career fairs, that having excellent knowledge in English language creates various opportunities for employment and advancement later in life and I have the opportunity to achieve that by living in an English speaking environment for the duration of my course and its content.
Furthermore, I am convinced that an additional fourth year of the Master of Arts program offered in Scotland and its flexibility of choosing two other subjects gives me the chance to be more profound and diverse in my studies. I consider to study literature and French alongside, to support my original course by giving me a broader range of linguistic related knowledge as they are closely linked.
Furthermore, Scotland provides more than “just” academically excellence regarding further education. After visiting Edinburgh in my last summer holidays I was given a taste what studying in Scotland would be like. The rich history especially old buildings, the landscape and the few local people I came in contact with – all factors had part in my decision to make Scotland my first home away from home.

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Hello everybody,

I thought submitting my personal statement will help someone out their currently drafting their own. Personally, I found that website very useful a few months ago and it provided me with inspiration.
I applied to four universities in Scotland:

1. University of Edinburgh - Linguistics
2. University of Glasgow - English Language
3. University of Aberdeen - Language and Linguistics
4. University of Dundee - English

The A-Level equivalent of my marks here in Germany (hopefully around 1,2 / 1,3) are AAB to ABB and I have not recieved an offer yet. But if I recieve one (or none), I will post it down here.

Good luck to everyone and I hope you are offered a place at the university you wish to go to.


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