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I have wanted to work in Mental Health since I was 15 years old. When in crisis, I received a level of care which changed my life and I aspire to do the same for others. I also received care that was detrimental at times so I want to be a part of making a difference. I have seen a wide range of nursing approaches and I have learnt so much from my colleagues since working within the NHS, I now know what kind of nurse I want to be when I complete my training.

Within the mental health sector currently, there continues to be stigma of certain mental health conditions such as Borderline Personality Disorder and these predetermined opinions cloud the quality of care that person may receive. I aim to quash mental health stigma across all areas of society. I plan to do this by completing my mental health nursing training and continuing my studies to become an Advanced Clinical Practitioner. My goal in the future is to change and advance the mental health care in this country by either having my own hospital or working my way up through the NHS.

I am very inquisitive, always asking about things I don't understand or challenging others in situations I did not agree with. Having close relationships with my colleagues and asking about situations that have arised on the ward, I know what challenges(personal and professional) I may face when doing my training and after I have qualified.

I have worked in frontline, customer facing roles such as McDonalds, Tesco and Costa Coffee. These roles have taught me conflict resolution, working under pressure and in fast paced environments and how to communicate effectively. They have taught me how to work under different management styles and cultures within work environments which has helped with my adaptability.

I am a caring, compassionate person with the want to help people by supporting those I have personal relationships with, who suffer from various mental health conditions; this has given me a foundation to build upon my knowledge and skills in a professional manner as a healthcare assistant. I have been a healthcare assistant within NHFT since 2019.

I have worked in older adult units for 2 years. Working with functional older adults taught me about different types of conditions and how they present. I learnt physical health skills such as MUST, Waterlow and SSKINS. I combat communication barriers and support people ensuring everything is inclusive and accessible to all. Co-producing care plans was also one of my tasks. Working with organic older adults has enhanced my patience and how dementia presents and affects behaviours. It enhanced my self awareness as it is a very stressful working environment. I adapt my behaviour and communication towards people depending on the situation. I also read behaviours to be prepared for a change. Since switching from customer service to healthcare, I have become more assertive and confident in my personal and professional boundaries.

Working through the pandemic, I faced end of life care. It is important you do everything possible to make that person's last moments as special and comfortable as possible; protecting their rights and dignity till the end. During the pandemic the hospital had staffing issues so I had to prioritise tasks in order of importance whilst maintaining the safety of the ward. I also learnt the importance of team working and communication, supporting the team professionally and personally. I also presented leadership behaviours by assisting new staff members and setting an example. I am dedicated to ensuring everyone receives the care they deserved so I worked many extra shifts across the whole of NHFT. This broadened my knowledge of different care units from rehab to forensic to PICU. It strengthened my resilience, forcing me to be more aware of burn out and my mental wellbeing. The pandemic taught me how to adapt to new policies and procedures being inputted, this will help me in the future as mental health services are always advancing.

My personal experience gives me the ability to be more empathic with the people I give care to, truly knowing what it is like to struggle with a mental health condition and being in an impatient environment. I am able to bring a different perspective to care planning as I have been on both sides.

I actively participate in my personal and professional development. I am hardworking and dedicated, always looking for additional training to broaden my knowledge and better my care, such as personal effectiveness, effective communication, courageous conversations and my assertiveness. I have completed my care certificate and a level 2 diploma in adult care at distinction level. I am currently doing my access course alongside working full time. This is a purely online course so is dependent on my independent learning and time management, this will prepare me for my degree.

I do not believe in hypocrisy so I ensure I attend to my own wellbeing and apply the skills I suggest to others I care for. I am organised by setting myself SMART goals and planning my week ahead. I believe self care is one of the most important tools to maintain mental wellbeing, so I always allow myself ‘me time’. I enjoy reading, exercise and nature. I practice yoga and meditation daily. These hobbies help me cope with stress, keep me grounded, happy and enable me to be the best version of myself. They support my self awareness so I know when my coping skills are needed and therefore empowering me to give the best possible personal centred care. This will also help me cope with the stresses of the course.

I love to help people and I love my job and I feel it’s an important fundamental of a happy life to enjoy what you do; especially working in care, where we spend more time at work than we do at home. Having that love and passion contributes to better quality care. If you don’t care, don’t work in care.

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