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Medicine personal statement

Ever since I accidentally burnt holes in my pyjamas after experimenting with a chemistry set on my 8th Birthday, I have always had a passion for science. Following several hospital visits during my teenage years to explore my interest, the idea of a career that would exploit my humanity and problem-solving abilities always made medicine a natural choice. So why did I choose computer science? By exploring a secondary interest in IT, I sought to allow myself the time to carefully consider my motivations for following such a challenging career. Medicine has never been absent from my thoughts, and this combined with a lack of personal fulfilment as a web developer has continually amplified my desire to become a doctor. I take great pleasure in people and their diversity, and by combining my love of science with the interpersonal rewards gained from interacting with them, I hope to fulfil this ambition.

To affirm my decision, I have recently spent time observing a consultant vascular surgeon and his team throughout the full cycle of patient care. I enjoyed talking to patients about their illness and observed several procedures including a carotid endarterectomy and bypass operation. The insight into human anatomy was fascinating and found that I definitely have the stomach for my chosen vocation! More importantly though, the opportunity provided me with a valuable perspective on hospital life; it was unglamorous, sometimes heart-wrenching, but confirmed beyond any doubt that this is where my future lies. In addition, I have spent every Thursday evening since April in the wards of a Hospice in Clapham. By talking to the elderly, helping them to eat and drink and even placing bets on their behalf at the bookmakers, I have been able to appreciate the importance of palliative care. For practical experience I have attended a first aid course run by the British Red Cross.

My employment history provides me with a wealth of experience to offer to the medical profession. For example, my strong communication skills have been continually demonstrated through presentations in front of up to 150 people, as well as strong leadership qualities in order to deliver time-critical projects. During my tenure at PGL Holidays I gained great satisfaction from my involvement in the organisation of evening activities for children, having a direct impact on their enjoyment. Maintaining a balance between this and their personal safety was always one of the more challenging (yet rewarding) aspects of the job.

Besides my work and passion for science, reading and music are important to me, as is sport. Rock climbing twice weekly helps build a sense of camaraderie between my friends and I, while squash, badminton and golf add a competitive element. After university I spent a winter snowboarding in Canada and gave produce advice to people from all over the world. Myself and some friends then embarked on a journey that saw us witness a bewildering array of sights from across the Canadian countryside. In addition, I have spent three years participating in the Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award. A challenging expedition to the Outer Hebrides highlighted that with enough determination, teamwork can achieve anything.

Where humanity, patience and integrity are all vital to successful patient care, so I believe is a sense of humour (where appropriate). These attributes along with a level-headed and unprejudiced outlook on life, I hope makes me an ideal candidate. I am acutely aware of the physical and emotional challenges medicine involves, yet this has only affirmed my resolve to make the career transition to medicine. My stamina, energy and commitment will equip me for a life of learning, but by applying my scientific knowledge and curiosity with compassion and empathy, I hope to become a valuable member of a profession to which I truly aspire.

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This personal statement was written by wanabanana for application in 2006.

Medicine at University of Bristol

wanabanana's Comments

I'm a graduate (24 years young) and this is the personal statment I used for 2006 entry into medicine. I got 4 interviews and 4 unconditional offers so I guess I must have done something right :P

I hope it helps as the other statements on here certainly helped me to write mine. All the best with your applications!


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simply great! by guest at 00:00 9/04/2006

i was just surfing some UCAS statements and to be honest this one appealed me the most. Its good to see a blend of sarcasm(where needed)!,scientific skills and experience.~ITS LIKE A SUMMATION OF AN IDEAL FUTURE DOCTOR!~ I have to fill in my statement this year for Medicine- and i'm dam nervous!(hope things go the right way) WELL DONE! thanks sakshi

wow by guest at 00:00 25/04/2006

That's awesome! Well done on your offers you thoroughly deserve them

Comment by guest at 00:00 15/06/2006

thanks~ it gets me start with my personal statement. ^^

LEGENDARY!!!!!!!!! by guest at 00:00 22/06/2006

A massive acheivement and a step forward for humanity well done and keep up the good work.

Wow by guest at 00:00 3/07/2006

Ohh my god i just love this Personnal statement how could just put so much information into such a small space. I have to apply for Medicine in septembere iam just so nervous i really scared of not getting a place for medicine. And i really need a lot of help with my Personal statement.

GOOD STUFF! by guest at 00:00 19/07/2006

that was one of the best peronsal statements i have seen!

Awesome by guest at 00:00 28/07/2006

This personal statement has all the stuff u wud want.....Brilliant....its gave me and idea of what i have to do! Abbas Awan

Comment by guest at 00:00 6/08/2006

it is brilliant no other comment

One word suffices by guest at 00:00 9/08/2006


Interviews... by guest at 00:00 13/08/2006

U got a cool personal statement here...I would really appreciate it if you told us wat type of questions did they ask you at ur interview? (if u don't mind me asking) Thanx....Talz

Comment by guest at 00:00 27/08/2006

simply great

Comment by guest at 00:00 31/08/2006

This personal statement is really good. It has loads of information and yet is so concise. I'm writing mine at the moment and I'm struggling to make it short enough even though I don't seem to have done anywhere near as much as you! Well done!

Comment by guest at 00:00 2/09/2006

u know-im not suprised u got a first in ur degree at all-its concise yet has so much information-I'm having real trouble trying to fit all of my achievements into my personal statement and keeping to the 47 lines limit-i really do not know how you did it. Congratulations

Comment by guest at 00:00 4/09/2006

Yeah this is a fab personal statement. I am also applying to study post grad medicine this year. Did you just have one year out from your first degree? What was your interviews like?

a bit good by guest at 00:00 7/09/2006

well this is pretty darn great. congrats on offers and i hope i'm as successful as you with my applications!

Comment by guest at 00:00 7/09/2006

what unis did you apply to?

Comment by guest at 00:00 10/09/2006

wow, what a fantastic personal statement. you can be my doctor, if you like.

Well done! by guest at 20:58 1/10/2006

Fantastic work on the PS. I also wanted to remind people reading this PS that they shouldn't try to use it, rather they should learn from it. I say this because not only will any admissions board know it is not your wording but you will not be expressing who YOU are and that is ultimately what they want to see. Good luck everyone!

Good personal statement by guest at 19:27 10/10/2006

I agree with most of the people who commented on your statement, it is interesting to read. However, I feel you have in some instances failed to really bring out what you have learned, which as I understand is what most admission tutors are looking for. Its all well and good listing your achievements, but if you do not include what it meant to you and what you gained from it (in relation to medicine) then you will not win the heart of the reader. For example, your bit about the Red Cross.... so you have done some work for them... wow! What experiences and lessons have you learnt from them? It is good because you have made it personal, but I would advise anyone writing a statement to tackle these other issues as well.

c mine pal by guest at 14:15 13/10/2006

i think that it is pretty good although including parts like: 'joky jokes' is pointless because it is not professional, and will not give u any advantage

marry me by guest at 04:27 23/01/2007

so I'm pretty sure I'm in love with this person after that personal statement. My own statement seemed bland and artificial - so reading this one really helped inspire me! it was concise, eloquent, and humorous where appropriate and hopefully it will help others develop statements of this level!

Comment by guest at 07:07 18/05/2007

I've probably read about 15 personal statements where it starts off talking about burning holes in one's pyjamas with a chemistry set... But other than that, it's a really great personal statement

phulease by guest at 22:14 6/07/2007

hole in your pyjamas whilst experimenting with a chemistry set? if you really want to be a doctor then you should be able to write about your passion for a career in medicine from the heart, and not copy an opening line, which btw thousands of other students used as well. shame.

Comment by at 2007-07-14 10:33:00

To the last comment: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is the statement that everyone copied that phrase from in the first place!!!

Comment by guest at 14:45 11/09/2007

Ok, so I didn't think I would read a statement that would actually force me to comment... but seriously this is brilliant. I would gladly have your children let alone accept you to Medical School.

Comment by guest at 17:55 19/09/2007

Hey I just watched a presentation today and was saying from a sample of 50000 applicants over 300 put the "burnt hole in pajama" line but at least it got you 4 offers

Comment by at 2007-09-27 15:11:24

Hi, thanks for your kind comments. Just to clear things up this is the original statement that everyone else copied the infamous opening line from, the whole episode of which is quite frankly bizarre! I used this statement for 2006 entry and posted it straight onto Studential as soon as I had accepted my place at Bristol. Obviously a few too many copied it and used it for their 2007 application. Wonder how many will be stupid enough in 2008 lol!

Comment by guest at 04:11 3/10/2007

How about: Ever since I accidentally burnt holes in my apron whilst cooking, I've always had a passion for science...?

Comment by guest at 16:01 9/10/2007

Pretty good yea... You did all that stuff? Whoa... makes my PS look like %&$!

Comment by guest at 13:55 21/11/2007

The opening is brilliant! It's different from all the other run of the mill babble. Cheers!

dnt use any of it by guest at 14:16 25/06/2008

this statment has been the cause of ucas to check each personal statment via a site as this statment had been used by 2487 people :D especailly the pj bit

Comment by guest at 09:56 28/06/2008

Have you done the BMAT and UKCAT? How was it? How do you register for BMAT?

Comment by guest at 17:01 8/08/2008

grats on the offers, but that is an awful opening, true or not i don't know but i'm sure the admissions board just laughed it off.

grades by guest at 22:23 15/09/2008

What grades did you have for your application

Comment by guest at 19:00 23/09/2008

I am currently studying medicine at Oxford and to be honest, thought this statement was a bit of a joke. Using so much sarcasm sounds really unproffessional, and I hate to burst your bubble, but as if you originally came up with the pyjama line? Please! Future applicants should use their statement to explain what they have learnt from their work experience, and the qualities they believe they have in order to be a good a doctor. A good sense of humour should come across in the interview, not the statement.

Gasp by guest at 17:06 25/09/2008

I would have to agree with the Oxford Student above.

Haha! by guest at 20:28 25/09/2008

QUOTE FROM ABOVE: "How about: Ever since I accidentally burnt holes in my apron whilst cooking, I've always had a passion for science...?" Made me laugh! :D

Comment by guest at 00:50 29/09/2008

This personal statement is for lack of a better word perfect! however I always wonder it is easier to right the perfect personal statement than the REAL oersonal statement if you get what I

Comment by guest at 00:54 29/09/2008

This personal statement is for lack of a better word perfect! however I always wonder it is easier to write the perfect personal statement than the REAL personal statement if you get what I mean. I feel that I have to choice whether to summit a statement which gives all these details, big words, right annotations and remarks or I can really tell them the real reason I want to do medicine in my own words even though its not as impressive as the fake ones they always read and always love, but at least it is genuine. tell me what would you do? be genuine or be perfect?

ParmarWatson by guest at 14:52 2/10/2008

Hey, great personal statement! no wonder you got 4 offers! You deserve it with a personal statement like this! Well done! I just have one question: Are the pyjamas ok? :)

Comment by guest at 10:02 8/10/2008

Not bad - wouldn't go as far as perfect though. The sarcasm and humour jars a little in my opinion.

Comment by at 2008-10-19 12:46:18

"I am currently studying medicine at Oxford and to be honest, thought this statement was a bit of a joke. Using so much sarcasm sounds really unproffessional, and I hate to burst your bubble, but as if you originally came up with the pyjama line? Please! Future applicants should use their statement to explain what they have learnt from their work experience, and the qualities they believe they have in order to be a good a doctor. A good sense of humour should come across in the interview, not the statement." Lol, can you explain then why I applied for 2006 entry, posted my statement on here afterwards, then 300+ people used the same line for 2007 entry? Perhaps I travelled into the future and copied a line which had yet to be written? And if it sounded so unprofessional how did I get 4 interviews? Maybe they're looking for unprofessional doctors these days! Hope you're enjoying your time in Oxford.

Comment by guest at 16:57 30/10/2008

"How about: Ever since I accidentally burnt holes in my apron whilst cooking, I've always had a passion for science...?" WHO EVER WROTE THAT IS ABSOLUTELY JOKESSSSSSS!

Comment by guest at 05:44 31/01/2009

Loved this PS, especially the fact it was funny. No one wants to sit and read 1000 PS that are formal, boring and unoriginal. WELL DONE! And to the guy that said he goes to oxford and studies medicine afew comments ago, lighten up, patients dont want to be treated by a morbid doctor with no sense of humour.

Comment by guest at 23:22 20/06/2009

Hiya...I remember once when they mentioned plagiarism on UCAS and how there was an incident in 2007 where over 200 applicants managed to all burn their PJz, and ever since then I've been curious to read this personal statement that these desperate applicants have clearly havent got much life experience to say for themselves, and see wt was soo special about it, but i have to say that is an amazing personal statement and it really did make me laugh and i can understand y soo many people would feel the urge to copy but god for potential medical students they weren't that bright to say the least, great personal statement tho n congratz on ur offers evn tho its like 3 yrs late bt yh :D xx

Crikey! by guest at 13:43 2/07/2009

This is a remarkable personal statement - did you get any help or wording advice during drafting? Good luck in all you do, and to anyone else applying for Medicine (as I am this year -- AAAARGH!!) Hope you've since had better luck with Chemistry sets! ;P ~Maddison

Comment by guest at 12:34 28/07/2009

Im applying for medicine this year aswell! Am very scared, but have got loads of ideas from previous applicants ps's.... so thanks guys! On the whole humour issue... it either works or it doesn't, depending on who reads it. Some admissions tutor might love having a giggle at a ps whereas others may find it unprofessional. I think this one was great! It worked after all.

Comment by guest at 16:19 25/08/2009

this is like one of the best personal statements that i have seen but like can these people that want to do medicine copy this ?

lol by guest at 23:32 9/10/2009

wow, people nowadays really ARE stupid - not only for blindly copying it, but also for some of the comments like have his child - i mean what would that child's name be? john wanabanana? this is just an average personal statement, it is certainly NOT one of the best. i think it was JUST enough to get the interview, and it's at the interview where he earned his offers. frankly, i think the statement itself is slightly arrogant (he announces he has certain qualities and completely fails to provide evidence for it) and if i were a medical school admissions tutor i would trash any personal statement that cites "holes in my pjz" as its opening statement straightaway - whether or not he came up with the line himself is debatable, but it is a very flimsy example of interest in science nonetheless.

very nice written by at 2010-09-19 18:35:23

it is very good personal statement, your grades are very good, especially at the time, i wish you could help me write this way, i have loads of ideas!

Comment by guest at 16:41 14/01/2011

The best statement I have read on this site. Simply brilliant!

Comment by guest at 15:59 9/09/2011

Good Personal Statement, but I read a book and it said that in 2007, UCAS found 234 personal statements including statements about having a passion for science after "accidentally burning holes in their pyjamas after experimenting with a chemistry set on their 8th birthday" .........

Comment by guest at 13:21 7/09/2012

sheffield university are using this personal statement as an example of why you shouldn't cheat on their open days haha

Comment by guest at 15:41 6/10/2012

6 years on this statement is STILL LEGENDARY!! Amazing to have pulled of so much sarcasm, I know I could never pull of something like this. *sighs- and goes back to her old-boring statement*

Comment by guest at 06:53 26/10/2012

I think it definitely deserves more than 3 stars :)

XirJQQYwP by guest at 16:35 24/07/2013

Thank you for your blog post.Really thank you! Will read on...