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The world of medical science has always been intriguing to me, wanting to explore the depths of logic and reasons behind the various phenomenon that occurs in our body. The complexity, the awe, the wonder of the occurrence of various processes has never failed to pull me towards the world of biology, one of the pillars of science. I

remember during my 12-grade year, while we were studying about the molecular basis of inheritance, how awe-struck it had left me. Learning about the structure of DNA and the complex processes taking place like transcription and translation within such a microscopic nucleus and altogether so well-mediated, left me in wonder and in my own thoughts about it for days.

I just couldn't grasp the magnitude of such magnificent processes taking place in our body. Through your esteemed University, I would get the honor of learning about such processes that I so dearly want to.

I would get the chance to explore how diseases bring about changes in our body and how a well-trained doctor weaves her/his way to learn about that disease and provide the corresponding treatment. I could say this is one of the main reasons why I have always wanted to pursue medical - to learn about the workings of our body and to use that knowledge effectively to treat various types of diseases and ailments.

Another reason I believe stems from my own values and outlook towards life. I have always wanted to help people in whatever way possible, and what other way best than being a doctor itself.

Helping people provides me with joy, comfort, and warmth. I look forward to being able to do that. I learned this attribute from my parents itself, as they have never failed to help someone when one is in need. They have thought this invaluable lessons to me and I wish to put these lessons to exercise by becoming a qualified doctor. I have always abode by this motto in my life - service before self and a doctor's life motto is exactly this.

I have always heard the plights of medical students, but that doesn't deter my determination to achieve what I have always wanted to be - a doctor. I believe I have the potential to take up this field and make it a part of my life if given the chance to.

I have always been regarded as a mature person not only by my family members and friends but by my teachers as well, taking any role given to me to be done responsibly and with care.

I have always carried a logical and scientific approach towards any situation in my life. I also believe that nothing ever in life can be achieved without hard work, and when it comes to the medical profession, that is the first thing required to be a good doctor. In my 9th and 10th grade levels, I took part in the school hockey team and received a silver and bronze medal respectively and it may seem how this makes me any better.

Well, being a sports person it had thought me many life lessons that I couldn’t have acquired anywhere else, it thought me how important co-operation, teamwork, trustworthiness, means of fairness and hard work is. Also, when I took part in the THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations), representing as the delegate of Slovenia during my 9th grade, I got to learn about the qualities of being a leader and what it takes to be a leader.

I got to learn about the various political issues in different countries, ranging from nuclear threats to poor health in regions such as the MENA region. I have always been forefront in any class discussions that take place, all the while being a keen listener and always open to suggestions and views.

Growing up, I have had a fortunate life being born and living in Qatar. With all kinds of facilities available to me in such a blessed country, I never really learned what it meant to struggle. Yet, when I travel every year to my country, India, I get to witness what struggling means.

Coming across various regions afflicted with poverty, poor sanitary health and inadequate facilities, a sense of determination and compassion towards the poor and unfortunate set within me. I wanted to be a doctor to help the society, especially the poor and prove to be a good citizen. My mission will be to bring about changes in people’s lives, the good kind of change.

And by studying medicine, I will be able to, hopefully, bring about this kind of change. So, I hope I will be given the opportunity to help people, the poor and the rich likewise, with honesty and love.

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