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During my first year in sixth form I have come to realise the importance of mathematics in everyday life, a base to so many subject areas such as physics and engineering. I am starting to see how the things I have learnt may be adapted and used in a practical situation. Mathematics has always been my favourite and best subject throughout my school years, and especially at A level. Having studied A level mathematics for a year, I have enjoyed all modules thoroughly, but my favourite area is pure mathematics. I thoroughly enjoyed studying areas of pure such as sequences, and functions.

As of now, my future career goal is to become involved in teaching and researching mathematics as I would like to always have this challenge throughout my life. As I have gained greatly from my maths teachers, their style of teaching and what they have shown me beyond the A level syllabus has attracted me even more to mathematics. As I learn more and more I start to see how different areas fit together, and how a certain rule can be proved in many ways.
Apart from studying mathematics at school I also read mathematics books in my own time, to broaden my knowledge and satisfies my interest in the subject. I have recently obtained ?The Mathematical Olympiad Handbook?, which contains past British Mathematical Olympiad papers and outline solutions. Attempting these questions and looking at the solutions has greatly improved my mathematical skill.

During year 10, I worked in an office for two weeks for work experience. Certain tasks involved helping students with queries, sorting out files, and using computers to plot spreadsheets and record data. Doing this for two weeks had really tested my patience, and I felt an obligation to completing each task set to the greatest standard.

In my spare time I like to play snooker, and being a member of a snooker club provides a great opportunity to play with people of different standards, to make new friends, and to learn from them. I also enjoy cycling and casually playing football with friends; this also keeps me fit and healthy.

Studying mathematics at a higher level will provide me with many challenges, and equally as much enjoyment.

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This personal statement was written by jyuk for application in 2004.

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this is a first draft, please critise as much as possible.


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close but no cigar

this is certainly a good almost brilliant first draft but you need to mention in your work experience more about you job, for example you need to mrention attendance being a teacher attendence is one of the most important things for anyone in thw working or learning world be that employer or university lecturer . after all how can you learn if you are not their

it is good but try to make

it is good but try to make the last few paragraphs slightly longer. also the sentence at the end shud be added into a previous paragraph or u shud write more with it. talk about what skills you gained from ur wrk experience 2.

really good personal

really good personal statement. dont see how the work experience is relevent though

You may 'leave a comment', or

You may 'leave a comment', or perhaps 'comment on' the personal statement, but the verb 'to comment' is not appropriate in this context, except in a very colloquial form. The same highly colloquial form that some people may choose to criticise. Perhaps some people should think more carefully before criticising.

good but needs work. i would

good but needs work. i would suggest that you need to be more specific. for example you said you've read other books outside the syllabus, what are they called? why did you like them? etc.

the work experience is good, shows that you are responsible etc but you havent said what company it was for... was it relevent to maths? even if it wasn't an accountant or something directly relevent, try and link it in, as it will show you have passion and initiative.

good luck!

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