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It was during Faure's Requiem, an orchestral rehearsal at a Royal Hall Festival, that I was in complete awe by the harmonious interplay of mathematics in all forms of art. I was delightfully admired by the artistic and eloquent compliment of orchestrated ratios and an infinity of probable combinations of notes. My enthralment in the simplicity of mathematical operations, its adjunct creativity, the roots of proof and ability to generate mathematical truth from a set of axioms is what sparks inside me a need to produce new insights that deepen our understanding of the world around us.

Having thoroughly enjoyed 'Number Theory Through Inquiry' by David C. Marshall, I have begun to search for proofs including Euclid's fascinating proof of the infinite number of prime values. This led me to format proofs and undertake primality tests at Zeitz's The Art and Craft of problem-solving. Whilst at Sutton Trust Mathematics school at the University of Cambridge I have reasoned with proof by induction, Markov chains and using Maple. In particular, an enthralling lecture allowed me to identify the golden ratio in the relationship between the two lengths of a pentagon, utilizing Argands diagram, which surprisingly linked two areas of maths that, on the surface, seemed uncomplimentary. This motivated me to explore Cantorian proofs of infinity and I began to learn the chain rule as well as dissect more difficult differential equations through Khan Academy. Being surrounded by inspiring lecturers and the smartest students in an academically challenging and thriving environment has deepened my passion to improve the lives of others through the medium of numbers.

I passionately engage in the UKMT mentoring scheme as well as STEP papers, where I find creative solutions to more intellectually challenging questions. This significantly builds momentum and rigour in approaching problems. On a grander scale, I am in awe of the significant role maths can play on the economy. As I observe prime minister's questions every two weeks, there is always the inevitable bombardment of economic decline being ushered from within the chambers. Maths allows for creative solutions to globalisation, it's associated depleting of sources, environmental instability and the culminating effect on the global economy. In particular, I enjoy literary texts that vividly exert the devastating effects that economic decline, such as the great depression of 1929, has on the lives of ordinary citizens. This solidifies the unparalleled importance of Maths as well as Economy on every aspect of our lives. It is also for this reason I enjoy teaching Maths at GCSE level to struggling students. Observing students excel and become more confident in Maths under my tutelage is truly satisfying and motivating. I find that applying reasoning and proofs during my explanations of, for example, the summation of all interior angles of a triangle to 180 degrees using two parallel lines, allows younger students to also develop mathematical curiosity. In turn this has made me comprehend and value this universal common language, of which, substance and articulation is through numbers.

It was during journeys on my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award that I could envision the presence of maths in shapes, nature, music, solitude and in every other aspect of life. I have achieved a grade 5 in Piano and would like to examine the incorporation of number theory such as the golden ratio as well as Fibonacci sequence into composed pieces. I have always performed exceedingly in tests, achieving the highest in my year group for AS maths as well as GCSE's, however I find now to be a golden opportunity in being able to fully exercise my mathematical aptitude, appreciate the incomprehensible components and, with a strong energy, contribute to the solving of societies deepest problems.

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