Mathematics Personal Statement Example 1

I have always been fascinated by my mathematical studies and, having a flair for the subject, there was never any doubt that I would choose mathematics as a degree.

It is a pivotal subject on which so many others depend (such as physics and chemistry). I relish the challenge of problem solving that mathematics provides. For me, it is an endlessly intriguing subject, as the discipline appears limitless, allowing so much scope for further study and research.

Having studied all four branches of the syllabus, I believe I am a well-rounded mathematician. Pure mathematics is my personal favourite because of its focus on thought processes and problem solving techniques. As I am the sole candidate for further mathematics in my year group, I am studying it without support from school.

Having no lessons has meant that I have had to develop an independent, self-reliant approach to mathematics, which I believe is invaluable, especially when faced with a system of learning where the emphasis is placed on the student rather than the tutor. Due to clashes in my sixth form's timetable, I studied AS physics at a college in Leeds city centre.

Although this meant travelling several times a week during school hours, I still thoroughly enjoyed the subject, as it allowed me to apply mathematics to different situations, and I am continuing to study it for A2.

Last year, I qualified for the British Mathematical Olympiad, run by the UKMT, which I hope to qualify for again this year. I also enjoy reading books of a mathematical nature, allowing me to extend my mathematical knowledge beyond the content of my A-level courses. I recently represented the school in a national debating competition, arguing the case against the right to privacy for public figures.

I also work for the sixth form paper. I have participated in several school concerts and productions as a member of the choir and as a violinist, at which I am Grade 5. Last year, I also captained three form groups in the Year Nine Music Festival. This entailed organising a choir, an ensemble (which I conducted) and several soloists, rehearsing for several months at breaks and lunchtimes and finally performing in the competition.

I have worked voluntarily in a primary school as an assistant to the Year Four class teacher. While I was working at the school, it underwent an OfSTED inspection, as did the teacher of the class I was designated to. During one of the class inspections, I was entrusted with groups of students, teaching them how to use the data logging equipment, for which I was favourably mentioned in the report.

For the past year, I have been working part-time in the busy restaurant of a large department store in Leeds. Although not being particularly high on mathematical content, it has provided me with an opportunity to improve my ability to cope under pressure and my recent performance review has quoted me as a "hard-working, trusted and well-liked member of staff".

However, I have now finished this job in order to concentrate on my A2 studies. I would love to pursue a career in the field of mathematics and I believe my choice of institutions matches my capabilities as well as my aspirations to become a successful mathematician.

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This personal statement was written by meepmeep.

meepmeep's university choices
Cambridge University
University of Bristol
The University of Nottingham
University of St Andrews
The University of Warwick
The University of York

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Wow. How do they fit it all

Wow. How do they fit it all in?! It's an impressive array of abilities, and demonstrates a clear passion for the subject. Where were they applying to?

Wow - this guy clearly loves

Wow - this guy clearly loves maths (how???) and it makes him sound friendly as well as clever and committed. Quite unlike that other one I read related to medicine, which sounded impressive, but quite arrogant and is really just a list of achievements. By the by, how in the world can anyone love maths so much???? I don't get it - arrgghhh!!!

This actually sounds pretty

This actually sounds pretty much like me. Being the only person in my school to be taking Further Maths, I'm doing it myself too!

i think that this is a good

i think that this is a good personal statement but he doesnt sound as though he has much of a life away from school. dont universities look for that as well as academic ability?



I am not sure what he meant

I am not sure what he meant by ''qualified for BMO'' since it could either mean being qualified for BMO round 2 or being qualified to be on the British team, or indeed there is a possibility that the author was just able to participate in the round 1 of BMO, which just requires a reasonaly score in Senior Mathematical Challenge.

Really useful

Really useful



gd job!

gd job!

Wow! Cambridge, no surprise


Cambridge, no surprise


This ps is amasing, very well flowing and great language use.

Wow, wish i could write one

Wow, wish i could write one like this!


i am hoping to onw day study mathematics...and now after reading the personal statement i have gained my passion for math!!


btw...the statement is very very convincing


5 Star personal statement - no wonder you got offered a place at Camebridge! Congratulations

very very impressive!

very very impressive!
btw he did say they wrote 'well-liked'

Go home.

go away.




i love maths more!!!!!

Wow this is useful to me

Wow this personal statement is given me the ideas how do i write a professional personal statement!

Thank you to put it on line for other to see how to write a personal statement for the university


some of the comments on this are brilliant, the person who wrote "camebridge" is clearly never going to go there.
I love maths as much as this guy, but i haven't got nearly enough experience to show it like he did =o

I am very intrigued by the

I am very intrigued by the way you have put this personal statement together. It is fascinating the way you blend the standard way of writing a personal statement and your own experience of the mathematical world.

u knw hu

mamunor bafor atu

University & Personality

DO you not feel with the ever increasing knowledge that is being bred into us during our education that a personal statement should make your personality evident. I agree that it is important to show off you talent and abilities but what about your ability to adjust to reality and deal with the world outside mathematics, it is not just about study and the mathematical knowledge it is about being a well adjusted human being that is able to use their knowledge for social interaction. I feel that putting too much weight on one area of interest makes it apparent that the mind cannot focus past this. Being a good mathematician involves being a diverse and open mind that is able to relate to 'normal' life and application within the 'normal' world.

hi i really think that this

hi i really think that this is excellent and wish you best of luck

Listing success is not passion

It doesnt sound like you have passion for this subject at all, if you love maths so much that you would study it alone, why would you not demonstrate your knowledge for real life mathematics. "e" underpins many natural phenomenon's, petals from flowers sometimes grow in the Fibonacci sequence. You can shop online because two mathematicians created an algorithm that even a computer cannot break. Being able to number crunch core mathematics is not "real life" - Nowadays we lack people with flare, that dare to think differently, didnt someone say that the only difference between genius and madness is success? Oh, and 0.3% of our country study Further maths A level, its not suprising that you study it alone.



why are all these people

why are all these people doing maths they should be doing English.I think it unfair that people with great logical minds are judged on their ability to write a statement.Mine is a joke compared to this!!!!1

none got a joke for their PS.

none got a joke for their PS.... if this genius got so many things to upgrade his PS... its his experiences and you should focus on your own PS with your own interests and qualifications....... anyway you gotta be the best for yourself....

Excellent PS.

Excellent PS.

I wish I was better at advertising myself. Even though I hate interviews, I would far prefer them to writing a personal statement.

You are just too scary good.

You are just too scary good. well done i now think i'm to stupid for maths at any level including prtimary school age. are you human or just plain rainman?

well done tho.
BTW i have exams soon can you tutor me.

Meep Meep!!!

What Kind Of A Name Is Meep Meep!!!

How did you get into 6

How did you get into 6 universities?

i would just love to show my

i would just love to show my support for gohome's comment and show my even bigger support for youra's comment, well done really hit the nail on the head what a Perfect Rounded Individual Clever Kid!!!!!

Great PS, and to the person

Great PS, and to the person who wrote the post entitled 'Listing success is not passion' it was actually 3 mathematicians that created RSA Cryptography not 2 (hence the RSA as these letters correspond to the initial of their last names). Listing incorrect statements isn't passion either.

Really good! I wish I could

Really good! I wish I could write one like this.


it helped

makes me feel useless. well

makes me feel useless. well done

it is good to depend on your own becouse you can s

this is becouse you solve your problems on your own timem. mutaka f.m

it saves time

this is becouse you solve your problems on your own timem. mutaka f.m

This is amazing, makes me

This is amazing, makes me doubt my chances of Cambridge. In response to the RSA statement, it was originally discovered by a single mathematician working for the GCHQ

Which Uni did he go to in the end?

Your personal statement was great, which uni did you choose to go to in the end? Do you like it there?

pretty good

it's a good personal statement, though it's not spectacular. i think he should've gone into more detail about the mathematical books he's read. still good.


Major thankies for the blog post.Thanks Again. Great.


is dis sazza ja armweak


i lurvvvv 2 do big runny bobos erydai! =) yeahhhhhhh

How did you apply to 6

How did you apply to 6 universities?

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