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Upon arriving in the UK at the age of 11, with a limited grasp of English, my newfound motivation and innate ability in the field of mathematics allowed me to build confidence amongst my peers. This incredible universal language provided me with the platform to connect with those around me. Mathematics is fascinating and creative with its illustrative nature, be it the Fibonacci sequence found in flower petals or the hexagons found in a beehive. My greatest joy in Mathematics stems from proving a question and ending it with "quod erat demonstrandum (Q.E.D)", as this demonstrates my understanding of key mathematical concepts. The most captivating part about maths is that it connects to everything, and this is backed up by the most beautiful equation in maths "Euler's identity".

Maths has enormous contributions to many other fields and industries, which has grown my enthusiasm to read Mathematics at degree level. For instance, in Physics, highly advanced mathematical formulae are used to define Quantum Mechanics and String Theory. "Quantum Questions Inspire New Math", an article by Robbert Dijkgraaf, further expanded my knowledge of these theories and how they have a huge impact on several disciplines in maths

In recent months, I have been enthralled by Professor James Sparks' lecture on dynamics. Although it had several complex ideas, I became inspired by the many different aspects in Maths such as polar coordinates, surface of revolution, vectors and forces that can be combined to form and explain Dynamical systems. While reading "Fermat's Last Theorem" by Simon Singh, I was able to understand the fundamentals of mathematics. The book covered many topics, one which enchanted me was the perfect numbers,
the sum of the proper divisor of a positive integer is equal to itself.

The book grew my appetite for number theory, which led me to recognise Srinivasan Ramanujan's famous discovery about the sum of natural numbers is equal to -1/12. The most inspiring section of his finding is how it can be proved using simple infinite series. There is no doubt that "Every positive integer was one of (Ramanujan's) personal friends". I hope to have infinitely many friends someday too.

To enhance and broaden my knowledge of maths, I took part in an online maths puzzle course run by Future Learn. I was exposed to new topics such as cryptarithms and symbology. Through this, learnt how maths has progressed over time from counting numbers using roman numerals to dealing with encrypted maths puzzles. Having attended a workshop, "Maths in the city" run by The Brokerage, I was able to explore different aspect of maths used in professional and financial services Whether it is a simple pie chart or a complex analysis, maths applications are used in many ways to structure businesses.

During the weekends, I volunteer at a local charity shop, where I have been able to improve my communication and administrative skills via working as a cashier. I am a senior ambassador at my high school, which has given me the opportunity to develop my teamwork and leadership skills through working with younger students. I share my passion for maths by supporting and tutoring students, which is intellectually stimulating and highly rewarding.

I am not only academically driven, but I am also interested in music as I have taught myself how to play the piano, which has enabled me to develop patience and dedication. The skills I acquired have been invaluable as I used these when developing my proficiency in basketball. These have become a pleasant hobby which I used to relax and clear my mind.

Beyond my love of the subject, I wish to use maths as an integral part of an ongoing career, with interest in exploring a career as an actuary. I am a hardworking independent student, who dedicates a huge amount of time and effort to achieve the best possible result. I would relish the opportunity to transfer these skills to the study of mathematics at university.

BSc Mathematics
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I got conditional offers from Imperial College London, Kings College London, and the University of Nottingham.


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