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The past couple of years has seen the massive political transformation in Europe that is Brexit with¬ major economic implications for Britain and Europe. With an initial interest in Economics arising from my A Level course, I was captivated by both the potential consequences of the events and the approach taken by the respective nations to ensure a smooth and beneficial transition into a new era of tariffed trade, tighter immigration policies and possible economic prosperity for the UK.

I decided to particularly focus on the way Britain handled the negotiations. It quickly became apparent that the post referendum that the constant debate between a “hard” vs “soft” Brexit would be a weak attempt at appeasing both Remainers and Leavers post referendum. This then begs the question of the government: Should have been a referendum in the first place if the outcome was to be unconvincing hybrid of both parties’ ambitions? This issue is then further magnified when members of the government disagree on which approach to take when one of the fundamentals of management is having the whole “team” on the same wavelength. Eventually, the dilemma comes across as a feeble bid by a section of government to deliver their own scheme (“soft” Brexit) as the referendum result went against their aims, which opposes the government’s assurance of delivering the goals of the majority pre-referendum. After negotiations were stalled for so long, this conundrum highlighted to me the adverse effects of inadequate management, but also that it can be applied to both a political and business scenario.

The Young Investment Banker programme was an enlightening event as I understood what investment banking was, the structure of an investment bank and its occupational prospects. I was mainly interested in Mergers & Acquisitions and found that the merging of two entities can often be inefficient and I would be fascinated to work on these projects and make them as efficient and beneficial as possible. Additionally, trading looked to be an alluring career path due to my interest in maths and analysis, both of which are vital for this position.

Having spent a week in the Internal Audit sector of the RBS branch in London, I was fortunate enough to attend graduate training regarding both internal and the growing field of data analytics. Over the week, I came to appreciate that Internal Audit mirrored the sectors of the bank and acted as a third line of defence against risk. Data Analytics proved to be interesting as they looked to be phasing out much of the manual analysis done by Internal Audit with programming they had set up. I was also able to build on my knowledge of Investment Banking by speaking to members of the NatWest Markets section of Internal Audit. NatWest was an acquisition of RBS in the early 2000s which I understood to be horizontal integration (a form of business growth) from my A Level Economics. NatWest Markets was formed in 2016 as an Investment Banking extension.

With both experiences, I concluded that my interest would be to move towards a career in trading. I realised, however, with the impact of data analytics on various parts of banking, technology was gradually replacing many of today’s manual financial services. It appears to only be a matter of time before trading is fully automated.

Partaking in various extracurricular activities has allowed me to develop my social and communicational skillset. As the chairman of the school council I have honed my leadership skills, while my Duke of Edinburgh award and NCS have enhanced my teamwork abilities and evolved my perseverance and analytical skills. I have also helped execute charity projects, showing my ability to handle finances.

I believe I have proven adeptness in management roles and an active enthusiasm for business management with my research and work experience. These developing attributes should demonstrate that I will eventually mature into a shrewd and capable manager beyond university

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