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The decision to apply for this course was easy to make for me indeed. Partly because
Spanish-speaking zone is such a culturaly rich and diverse area, and partly because of my
aunt being crazy about Latin America, who managed to pass her bug on me. What I found the
most fascinating at first, being a little girl, were stories about Eldorado, a misterious
lost city. As I grew up, I began to indulge myself in other 'products' of Hispanic culture
area, such as books by Marquez and Llosa, Che Guevara's diaries, history of Pisarro's
conquest and even Daniken's theories concerning the extraterriestral origin of Nazca's signs.
I believe my personal qualities will help me to make the most of this studies if I get
accepted. I consider myself as a broad-minded person, respectful for other's views on life. I
like to get socially involved, which give me a sense of fulfilment, and that's why I
volunteered for Amnesty International, hoping that my little actions might help to improve
other people's lives, or even save them. I also attended some conferences organised by AI
dealing with urgent questions. The present academic year, however, I've been spending working
as an au pair in London. It gave me an opportunity to prove my responsibility and test myself
in an unknown enviromnment. I also observe my stay in UK made me more sure of myself,
confident to speak my mind even if it is completely different from the opinion of others.
I enjoy learning languages; I reckon I have a natural ability to pick them up easily. I will
be taking IELTS exam in June. Apart from English, I know some German and basic French.
Unfortunately I have never had a chance to deal with Spanish.
Here are my final high school grades:
Polish - 4, English- 5,German - 5,French - 5,History - 2,Civic education - 4,Culture
education - 5,Maths - 3,Physics and astronomy - 3, Chemistry - 3, Biology - 4,Geography - 4
,Introduction to entrepreneurship - 4 ,Defence training - 3, Physical education -
4,Information technology - 3, Great Britain culture studies - 4
I realise not all of them are impressive; but that is because education level in high school
that I attended was challenging. I could have had much better grades in another school and
not being a hard-working student, I am sure. My class had a 'language and European Union '
profile .
When it comes to my other achievements, I participated in quite a number of competitions,
like English language and theme essay writing ones, and have been involved in editing our
school magazine, maintaining its good quality level. I took advantage of the chance to go to
Germany, on a student exchange to Fulda .
The main aspects that I would like to explore are Latin American culture in its all aspects,
changes in these multinational societies and the complexity of political situation. And
obviously to achieve a good Spanish level, so that I could communicate with native speakers
without any difficulties.
When it comes to my other interests, I am really fond of art and enjoy sightseeing and
visiting art galleries. I do not do much sport to tell the thruth...but I really enjoy my
ballet classes. I am keen on travelling, although the only place I've been outside Europe is
Egypt. But I am hoping to visit India this summer.
For my future plans, I consider engaging for a non-governmental agency like Amnesty, and
improving people's lives; becoming a travel books writer or working in tourism section,
dealing with Spanish-speaking countries. I strongly believe it is essential to know what we
are aiming at in our lives.

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This personal statement was written by Kambili for application in 2006.

Kambili's Comments

i used this statement two yers ago applying to a few unis, among them: uni of Liverpool (2 courses), Birmingham, Essex, Sheffield and Aberdeen. i got unconditionals from aberdeen and both liverpool courses, conditionals for essex,sheffield and birmingham (but they just wanted me to pass IELTS exam to verify my ability of using english -i'm a foreigner). so i assume my statement did not bad :)


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you started well but u lost

you started well but u lost the middle part too much boring details remember keep it short and simple

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