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For years I have listened to my family discussing the latest political and historical issues on the news and I have been fascinated and awed by the fact that there was never a wrong or right answer, decision or explanation to a given problem. I was also intrigued by how History always seemed to be part of the debate and because of this my interest in history and politics began to grow.

I am currently studying A-level history, classical civilisation and psychology. I have always had a passion for studying History and this is due to how intriguing the past is and how the past has helped shape the future we live in now. Such topics like the build up of the Second World War, its impact nationally and globally, and its implications such as the United Nations, bring to light how horrific events can lead to global solutions for the future.

I also enjoy looking at old resources such as texts and scripts that offer an insight into what may have happened in the run up to major events such as the Balfour declaration of 1917 where we see how one letter can result in decades of confusion and an ongoing conflict.

Furthermore, studying Psychology has made me enthusiastic about topics relating to mental disorders such as depression and Schizophrenia that are intriguing as they too do not offer a straightforward explanation to the problem. Psychology has also enabled me to refine my research and analytical skills and many of the research methods used in Psychology are transferable to the career I would like to do.

I have started the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and my chosen topic will be a presentation on the Arab-Israeli conflict. This topic is one that I have a personal interest in as it combines both History and Politics and is hugely controversial due to the clashes between religion and ethnicity. For the EPQ, I will present to an audience of students my research assessment of whether a solution is probable in the near future.

In school I have participated in a number of drama productions this has boosted my confidence to present in front of a large audience, and I have also been a member of the Wanstead High school girl’s football team which has shown my commitment and responsibility to the club.

I believe it is important to take responsibility in part of my school community so last year I volunteered to be a peer mentor for year 7’s. The role required me to listen and engage with younger students who were in need for social and academic help in school.

Outside of school I am an active member of St Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church. I take part in fund-raising events and social activities in the Church in order to raise money for charities. This year, I came up with the initiative to organise a fund-raiser for the ‘Zabbaleen’ (Garbage Village people in Egypt).

I am liaising with other peers and older members of the Church congregation in order to lead and organise a talent show called ‘The Coptic Factor’. The event is developing my leadership, time management and organisation skills which will provide me with vital skills and experiences to organise larger scale events in the future.

I hold a Sports Leader Certificate in which I led and encouraged young children to participate in sporting activities during a one-year course. My fascination with politics has directed me to become a young member of the Labour Party and now I am actively attending local meetings and distributing leaflets.

I also believe that it is very important to get involved in the wider community to make a difference. For example, in July 2011 I committed myself to regular training to run the Tesco’s Race For Life, raising money for Breast Cancer.

I know I am currently equipped with the skills that will make me an excellent candidate to study History and Politics and I have every confidence in myself that armed with a degree in History and Politics I can pursue a political career in the future, and also tackle political issues that may affect people globally.

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