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My decision to pursue a graduate degree comes from my need of further study. My recent knowledge is not enough for me to work well so I decide to pursue a MBA degree to gain more business knowledge and management skills for my work. I believe that I have the ability to follow a graduate program based on my personal background and my distinctiveness could enrich my learning experiences as well as those of my classmates at UCR.

Since I was 7 years old, my teacher revealed that I had a great ability in calculating and she recommended my parents to let me join a special program for pupils who are very good at mathematics. I passed all the tests easily and was admitted to that program. I was chosen to represent my school in the competition of talented students in mathematic. The first prize I brought is the 3rd prize in the city's mathematic contest when I was in sixth grade. From that there was a sequence prize both in mathematic and chemistry: the 3rd in chemistry in my eighth grade, the 2nd prize in mathematic and 3rd prize in chemistry in ninth grade. This led me to go ahead to the high school concentrating on Mathematics, which held by Vietnam National University, Hanoi. In that school, my desire for Mathematic and Information was to become a professor in Mathematic and Information Technology.

Let me have a brief description about my desire in Mathematics and Information Technology. It was in 1997 when I won the first prize in mathematics, my parents bought me a computer. At that time it was a big present for me. I used that computer to learn my first lesson in Pascal programming language. Because of the lack in referential materials at my middle school, I borrowed my uncle his materials, which are used for the second students in his university. My first completed project is a Horoscope prediction application, it was quite simple but easy to use. Since then, I took my own programming approach to the real dimensions, their relationship with our lives. That program resulted in nothing but my desire in mathematic sand information technology.

However, it was a big mistake when I focus on studying mathematics and IT only. It was not good when I had to take the entrance examination to university. The result was that I did not receive enough score to be accepted to my dream program and I went to study Meteorology instead. During four years at university, I took a grant for my 3rd prize in university researching science competition with a website calculating the tracks of hurricanes, joining another computer science program in NIIT Academic Institute without degree, teaching mathematics as a private tutor and doing my family business.

My parents started their business in photography as a hobby when they lived in Hai Duong province, which is far 50 kilometer eastern to Ha Noi capital. In the year of 1993, they were a wholesaler to provide photograph services to all customers in their town. My father often took a trip to Hanoi to print photos every weekend and then brought photos to their customers. During those trips, they realised that the demand of photography in Hai Duong was increasing and it was necessary to have a minilab to produce photos for their customers. Based on the networking they had, my parents lent colossal amount money of 60,000 USD to own their minilab. It was a huge risk at that time as their salary was 360USD per year. However, after 4 years, they had paid their debt and started earning money. My parent's business was successful.

In years later, the first lesson my parents taught me to do our business when I helped them to take care our studio was about innovation, customer segments and its market, just in time launching business, and human resource. The example of success in business of my parents has impressed me much and it becomes the fundamental method to run a business in my current plans.

When participating in those activities, I analysed my strengths and weaknesses and realised that I am more suitable to work and interact with other people than to do research silently in closed rooms. I finally speculated my career objective as to work an IT company in E-commerce Industry. A MBA program will help me fill my lack of business knowledge and management skills. As I discussed in my statement of purpose, an MBA program now is necessary for me to achieve my goals. A two-year MBA program also gives me time to reveal myself and prepare essential qualities to join a professional working environment after graduating.

Additionally, being a female Vietnamese student, I guess I will touch up the social and cultural diversity at UCR. I hope my enrollment will help forming a Vietnamese student community in UCR and supporting us in study as well as enriching the knowledge of Vietnam to other international students. For my future plan, I hope my MBA degree can help me get promoted in some company related and later support good management skill for me to effectively operate my own technology company in Vietnam.

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Hi everybody. This is my personal history statement I have written. Please comment,
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