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It is my belief that the most important part of anybody’s personality is the way that they exhibit it to the world. This idea of self expression is the basis of everything that I most enjoy and feel passionate about in life, which is why I am applying to study English. I believe that literature is the most accessible and therefore varied form of self expression that there is; anyone can pick up a pen and write. Be it a work of fiction or a diary entry, everyone is able to express themselves in some way through literature. The vast array of interpretations and responses that one short passage can evoke are evidence of the intensely personal nature of the art form. Of course, reading is as much a form of self expression as writing.

Your literary tastes define you as a person; for myself, I am content reading classics such as Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ or Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, but I also take great pleasure in more light hearted contemporary work from outside of the established literary canon, such as the ‘chick-lit’ of Helen Fielding and Sophie Kinsella, or the crime fiction of Lisa Gardner.

I am excited about the prospect of University introducing me to entirely new genres of literature that I have yet to experience. I have always demonstrated academic strength in English, such as in my accomplished essay writing and the enjoyment that I take from analysing the different interpretations and linguistic choices of a text. I am eager to explore these features of English at degree level.

I am constantly developing new ways to outwardly demonstrate my personality, such as through my personal hobby of drama and performance. My love for drama comes not only from the thrill of being on the stage, but also from the admiration I have for playwrights and their skill for creating engaging storylines and believable characters within their scripts. I spend a lot of time in the audience at the theatre, from seeing classics like Macbeth at the Globe to a stunning adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s at the Theatre Royal - not to mention a massive number of musical theatre productions.

I attended the John Robert Powers School for Performing Arts, and have been a member of numerous amateur dramatic companies. Having performed in a wide variety of productions, I chose to study drama at college, and achieved AS Level results that I am extremely proud of.

These endeavours have also been critical in allowing me to flourish in other areas of my life; my self-awareness and social confidence has grown to a level where I am comfortable and composed in any situation I may find myself in, such as at job interviews and speaking publicly. Because of this poise, my school chose me to act as the main speaker at a local Youth Speaks competition as well as a representative in a local campaign against underage drinking. This campaign also gave me the opportunity to be an ambassador for my school on a visit to 10 Downing Street where I met the Prime Minister.

With my degree in English, I would like to pursue a career in journalism. I feel that journalism is unlike any other industry, in that you can explore a wide variety of subjects along one career path. For example, I could take my attraction to fashion and become a fashion journalist or my passion for the theatre and become a critic.

I think that my A Level course in Media has given me some insight into what journalism can be like, but in my first year of college I also took part in the annual newspaper production competition. I was judged by the south Bedfordshire news agency to have written the most impressive news article out of all of the entries, which has resulted in my taking on the role of editor-in-chief of the college’s student newspaper. I have also kept my own blog, as a flippant record of my own day to day life.

I am motivated, creative and more than willing to put every effort into achieving a high station in life - the first step of which will be my University education!

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