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English has always been my favourite subject. I've always loved how there aren't any straight answers, and how different people's interpretations of texts say more about them than just about anything else. I love the process of working on completely opaque texts until you finally manage to beat some meaning out of them and the mini epiphany you're rewarded with when you manage it. My favourite part of it, though, has always been the creative writing. I think it's just a really beautiful thing, being able to share whichever way it is you think of
the world with anyone and everyone, and to build people and places inside your head and let your imagination sweep you up completely for once. That's why the idea of doing one or both of these things for three whole years makes me so happy.

Although I did well enough with my more rational subjects at GCSE level, I think I would be described as a much more creative person. Outside school my favourite things to do are to read, write, take photos and work on whatever small project I've got on at that moment, like a 1000 piece jigsaw or making little men out of blue tack so I can put them in bottle tops and float them in the sink.

I also run a personal blog that exists mainly for the purposes of in depth analysis of various books and television programmes.

This said, I can also be practical and sensible when I need to be, qualities I have largely learned through my experiences with Girlguideing UK, which I have been a part of since the age of five. Through this organisation, I have worked as a member of the service crew for a centenary camp held for hundreds of girls from the ages of 7-14 as well as contributing to the organisation of considerably smaller activities for both the Ranger group that I am a member of and for the pack of Brownies for whom I act as a young leader. All of this has taught me how to be a lot more efficient, as well as to keep calmer under pressure and to discuss ideas
as a group.

These skills were especially useful during my time working on the school newspaper last year, as well as for my most recent work experience placement at "The Manufacturer" magazine's headquarters in London, where I worked closely with the editing team and actually got a few news stories onto the magazine's website.

I have also been able to improve my abilities in my position as a sales assistant at the local Oxfam shop, where communication is essential to ensure the smooth running of the store and in my role as a journalist on the school paper last year.

I love children and my eventual plan after university is to teach primary, which is something I've wanted to do from a very young age. My work with the Brownies as well as my year eleven work experience at a local primary school were my way of working towards this. As serious as I am about this career path, I felt that a post-graduate course would be my best option as it leaves me open to pursue my love of English at this time.

I am very passionate about this course and I would like to think that I have the ability to really excel in it.

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This personal statement was written by liquidwitch for application in 2011.

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Bath Spa University College
Bournemouth University
University of Glamorgan
University of Plymouth

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Submitted this just before autumm half term in 2012 and got offers from all 4 universities I applied for (Plymouth, Glamorgan, Bournemouth and Bath Spa) Now have English at Bournemouth as my firm choice with Creative and Proffesional writing at Glamoragan as insurance. Rereading it now I have no idea why they let me anywhere near their English courses, really not worded very well with lots of recurring phrases, but thought I'd put it up to show that informal statements that overuse the word "really" can get good offers too!


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