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I am completely fascinated by how the right words on a page can paint such a vivid story. Whether it is in the form of fiction, non-fiction, drama or poetry; there are always stories to tell. As I am doing English Literature, English Language and Creative Writing for A levels, they have helped me to understand that the words on the page, as well as spoken, can convey several different things.

I believe that the study of English Literature has moulded me into the independent woman I am today. Not only has it influenced and developed my opinions, morals and writing skills, it has also given me an opportunity to approach everyday life with an open yet observant mind.

Authors such as Rudyard Kipling, Dan Brown, Felix Dennis and J.k Rowling have been a key and important aspect of my studies so far. Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ being one of my favourite novels alongside the Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’. English Language has improved my analytical skills to a great extent.

It compliments my Literature as well as my Creative Writing as I learn how language works, where it came from and why it is used. I am completely mesmerised by Chomsky’s idea that we are born with a LAD in our minds which gives us the ability to learn any language in the world.

I would love to learn more about how and why our language is such a complex and beautiful thing. It is pure bliss for me to attempt and try to understand the framework of writing novels, poetry, articles or even drama. Creative Writing has given me the opportunity to express myself in ways other than essay-writing, and actually attempt at what all great writers have done themselves.

It has proven to be a tricky and complicated process; however, once redrafted and polished, my pieces turn into something I am proud to produce. In a way, Creative Writing has given me a closer insight into the potential mind of writers before me, and further enhanced my analytical skills.

What I am hoping to get out of this course is to further hone and polish my writing skills to a significantly high standard as well as the essential skills such as public speaking, debating and confidence. I am a determined and devoted student, and work hard to achieve my goals, whether they be academic or extracurricular activities such as dancing or helping the community.

I have strived to help the community in any way possible such as volunteering in helping a younger peer with her English studies. This gave me the crucial skills of patience and leadership and communication that will inevitably help me within this course.

The fact that I can speak another language (Polish) also assisted me in helping the student with her school work as she is a Polish-native speaker. My knowledge of a second language has given me unique opportunities such as helping my local council by translating for international relations.

This experience has highlighted the importance of international relations and has also increased my awareness of local, as well as international, affairs.

I understand that keeping in contact with various different countries and knowing how their governing system works - for example in schools- will help both us and others in improving the way things are run, and perhaps gain ideas from other cultures and nations. This, by far, has increased my confidence in speaking with others in not only English, but also Polish.

Dance has really improved my patience, determination and dedication as I have attended many examinations and have achieved the qualifications of Gold-Bar in Freestyle, Gold-Cross in Ballroom and Latin. It has helped me to gain confidence in myself and has been a relaxing and enjoyable hobby in my life.

I am very fond of exercise and believe that it helps with concentration nearer the time of examinations; hence the reason why I walk my dogs every day. I believe I have gained good communicative skills because of the job I currently have.

Working in Specsavers opticians and having to deal with phone calls, customers and computing on a weekly basis has helped me to become a confident and positive speaker.

The idiom “patience is a virtue” really applies to my job as there are many different customers and obstacles to overcome, which take time, effort and commitment to do so.

"Words, are of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind."- Rudyard Kipling. This is the most accurate representation of my opinion on words, and I hope I will prove to be a hard-working and reliable student.

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I am completely fascinated by how the right words on a page can paint such a vivid story...


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