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My decision to study English Language is based firmly on my desire to understand and study comprehensively the language that I and my peers encounter daily. This will give me an insight to society and enrich me personally.

Language is a subject that defines us as individuals, but at the same time unites us. Its influence and power is overwhelming.

For me language is so complex and influential that I find it completely intriguing. Words and phrases can have connotations that can generate to thousands of thoughts and help people explore their emotions.

Linguistics would help me to explore Language in a more precise systematic way to extend my knowledge.

Studying a Combined Language and Literature course has given me the opportunity to analyse texts from both a literary and linguistic perspective. The study of Literature has given me the opportunity to develop emotionally and intellectually.

However, what really interests me is how writers use language in order to simulate our imagination and impress their thoughts on their readers.

My enthusiasm for the English Language was initially sparked after reading Angela Carter’s, “The Bloody Chamber” a collection of short stories that to me, expounded ideas allowing me to analyse at the way language influences readers, and in Carter’s case, exploits readers’ expectations. I am particularly interested in the history and structure of Language.

This was triggered after reading David Crystal’s “The English Language” where he explains that the history of English is one of repeated invasions. Seeing how English has developed over thousands of years and how many words used today derive from our invaders’ languages is something which intrigues me, and caused me to look more closely at the language I encounter.

Further reading has led me to explore “An introduction to Sociolinguistics” by Ronald Wardhaugh. Whilst reading this study I was particularly interested in the regional and social variation of language and noticing the problems with the study of regional varieties of languages that many linguists face today.

I was also fascinated by the way Wardhaugh explores how each groups in society have their own norms of linguistic behaviour. Witnessing Carol Duffy and Billy Collins share their work at Edge Hill University has given me the opportunity to listen and hear the language used in their poems for addressing controversial issues.

This motivated me to look at language in novels and poems and has spurred me to consider language in classics by Jane Austin and William Blake. The poem “The Tyger” by Blake fascinated me due to the philosophical undercurrent in his work and reflects how powerful language can be.

During my free time I volunteer at my primary school helping children to read. After spending many hours helping a child with Autism I realised that, despite being very challenging, the experience was worth the effort and it was rewarding seeing the child benefit from my help.

Activities such as this have helped to improve my patience, determination and creativity, all of which would help me at university. I have been inspired to work with children who struggle with English, as I believe it would be a rewarding career.

Studying for a degree in English at university would allow me to consolidate and extend my knowledge. I am an open-minded person who would love to meet new people from all over the world during my studies. I am particularly interested in the Study Abroad Scheme.

The opportunity to experience new cultures and share my own culture is something which would enhance me intellectually and socially. My A grade in English Combined proves that I can achieve well under pressure and whilst working to deadlines.

At the end of my AS year I was awarded a certificate and prize as the pupil with the most “outstanding performance” by the Principal. This is testimony to the fact I am a conscientious student with a desire to make the most of my undergraduate study.

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The University of Manchester
The University of Sheffield
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It should be 'my peers and I'

It should be 'my peers and I'. Other than that a very good personal statement :)

I'm sure this would be better

I'm sure this would be better if you hadn't spelt Jane Austen's name wrong. She's a person, not a place in Texas.

Really good Personal

Really good Personal Statement, thank you for sharing. Out of curiosity which university did you attend and which did you get offers from? and what were the offers? Would greatly appreciate a response :)


Say, you got a nice article.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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