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Since my early teenage years I have had a strong interest in the world that I live in; wanting to understand where mine and others’ places can be and are in society; not just locally but globally, so I follow current affairs programmes on the television and read newspapers and journals, such as the ‘Economist’, with interest.

However, I wish to explore further the causes and effects of human interactions. The study of economics and politics provides explanations and predictions, as well as more universal theories, which underlie human behaviour, as well as offering insight into the validity of the various political choices competing for our favour.

The subjects I am studying at A Level provide a good grounding in skills and knowledge for these two interrelated disciplines. English Language ensures that I can analyse, and communicate clearly and effectively, in both the spoken and written mode.

History – the study of the past and its implications – is most valuable as it provides research skills and improves my essay writing, as does Psychology which also gives some insights into how our minds variously function. Physics develops experimental and – along with Mathematics – analytical and problem solving skills, as well as ensuring my abilities have breadth.

I am most enthusiastic at the prospect of having my abilities stretched and raised to a much higher standard, especially as I have not studied economics or politics before.

By the end of my degree course I also expect to be a more astute, mature person; I shall certainly take advantage of all the various social and sporting opportunities your university offers.

It is my current career ambition to have a job in professional politics as an MP, to play a part in national policy making and legislation, as well as experiencing the pride of being a democratic representative of the people.

This ambition flows from my concern for the wellbeing of others and the continued freedom of our people. Your degree course is ideal preparation for this career because it will impart the knowledge necessary for informed policy formation, and the skills – such as good communication and effective debating – needed to succeed in this competitive occupation.

I am a member of the Conservative party and follow their policy reformation after 1997 with interest. Currently my other interests include science and technology – I enjoy reading the ‘New Scientist’ journal, for instance – as well as computers, of which I regard myself as an advanced user.

For example, I use the Internet for study and research into areas of interest, such as comment on government policy decisions, and upgrading hardware myself. Also, last year I had a 3D computer game ‘add-on’ – designed by myself over a lengthy period, teaching myself a great number of skills in this field – packaged on a number of international magazines, including the UK-based ‘PC Gamer’.

I also enjoy walking with my family and our dogs in the Dorset countryside, and am a member of the Vegan Society.

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thats good i never know how

thats good i never know how to link subjects with skils u can get from them.


The statement is quiet good and competitive and can really help a beginner like me. One thing I noticed is the statement was TOO specefic as if a student applies to more than a university( via UCAS and that happens) so the statement is comparitely helpless in this case

first time I've ever seen

first time I've ever seen anyone say what party their a member of, but since you want to become an MP its probably not a problem...

Quite well written, a fellow

Quite well written, a fellow tory =D
It does seem however that the majority of budding economists seem to have a fond interest in the "the economer/economist?" personally, i believe this takes away from the uniqueness of the statement and the admissions officers reading the personal statements will understandably tire of the repetitiveness of this. try reading some other economics based texts on perhaps keynesianism or monetarism by authors such as robert aliber. the fact that you show an interest outside the economist paper shows that you arent the average student wanting entry as this common statement voids it as a striking thing and that you have a keen and avid interest strong enough to persuade you to actively search for texts based on the topics you personally believe in.


Very nice statement, i like the references to real life situations.
I'm not sure about mentioning your political leanings though! Maybe its a bit unprofessional, and if not its definately besider the point.
I suppose only Oxford and the other bastions of Etonian middle class culture will care much for Toryism anyway!
Any way, nice one with the statement.

I'm not a tory, but why

I'm not a tory, but why should you back out of expressing an opinion?just becuase it's not a fashionable one doesn't mean it isn;t valid in the context of your personal statement. I thought it was pretty good.

Political views

The guide on this site says don't show any political affiliations so have you made a mistake by saying you're a tory?

you say you care about the

you say you care about the rights of the public and the wellbeing of all, yet you are a member of the conservative party??

sorry i dont get it!

So good, and yet...

Even though I found this PS very interesting and rightly so 'personal', I thought revealing you political leaning was very well done and probably a major factor in convincing Unis to accept. Nonetheless I believe that last sentence ruined the whole thing for you, its as if you went from a learned scholar to a child summarizing his activities of the day 'I went on a walk with my dogs'



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