Economics Personal Statement Example 16

Economics is good, i like it, its good, its great i love it.
Maths, also very interesting.
The marginal propensity to consume states that i have a mathematical appetite, the euphoria of working out a question is so great it forces me into an epiphany, this truly epitomises my desire to READ mathematics along with economics at your LSE's and your bloody UCL's.

Anyway yonder my academia i partake in various invigorating activties, I have recently joined an Aikido club where my Sensai, HuFLungDung, says i have developed a natural talent and flair for this so called "discipline". Furthermore i enjoy playing the rigourous, but always changing, discipline that is football. In addition to this I read Game Theory (not really) and other enmeshing mathematised theories which enmesh with stuff.

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This personal statement was written by FT for application in 2008.

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Ive applied to Cambridge, LSE, UCL, Nottingham and Warwick.
I got offers from all five of them already, beacuse of my marginal propensity to consume mathematical formulae (and food). Also my highly developed lexicon (vocabulary for u assholes) secured my place at cambridge, where i now study Economics BA.


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Jump Jerry

Jump Jerry

You have way too much spare

You have way too much spare time.

just saying



I've been always interested in economics since i was 2. Maths is the way of my life, the zinzangzen of this universe and i want to apply it to answer super duper hard question like : why i was born? By applying to LSE, UCL and Cam, i hope to meet more people like me. We're all the same but i'm the most special one : i tell the truth.


Wow calm down mate, dont go full retard on me, what course are you applying for midwifery?


is someone speaking?
What you still wasting time looking and writing about my superior PS?

yo dudicous or whatever

ya besta press off or else ya get straight mollywopped in this piece, ya naaam saying, u naaam sayin.

2 minutes later

Oi why havent u replied yet, (just like the unis you applied to), you simple jack

East London Connect?

What is east london connect

What is east london connect the train line your gonna take or something?

gay, think ur a badboy

gay, think ur a badboy swearing on a personal statement website?
what are you gonna do next?...

By the way...

By the way...
Did you write your comments while you were at school with your friends.... time - 15:30 watever, wot a sadddo, nothing better to do.

Ive already been accepted by Bristol and Manchester. I have time to waste.... whereas you should look for a job to support you single mum (who is probably only 15 years older than you, so why you looking at personal statements.

Visa - Connect Card Biiiiyyyaaayyyatcchh


This isn't rly tht good...


this is not a 5-star personal statement, it shows arrogance and a lack of effort. How did you manage to get into Cambridge or is this a joke?

too many heavy words... u cud

too many heavy words... u cud have made it simple!!


LOL... tlk bout takin things a bit toooooo serious haha!!


In addition to this I read Game Theory (not really). My Favourite part!


I am so grateful for your blog. Fantastic.

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