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A wise man once said “…how dreadful knowledge of the truth can be, when there’s no help in truth.” I think, out of all thoughtful things one can think about, this quotes is unique description of what the depth of Drama and the Performing Arts can do for people. By studying Drama, we can become a variety of people, trapped within one single mind, all trying to be freed and each with their own personality and poison.

Humanity has helped Drama so much to produce narrative of such calibre, and characters of such depth and poise – characters, which can be as sweet and innocent, or can take the more disgusting side of what being a human is, being as evil as what thought possible.

Performance Art explores the whole range of human emotion and can produce tremendous performances and visual experiences and with Drama, in particular, we can go further than flesh and blood and express ourselves as somebody else and take on this ‘mask’. The most profound thing I have found when studying Drama is that we can become any person in the entire world, and still be us.

I have always had a love for the performing arts since I can remember; for there has never really been anything else I have ever wanted to do apart from act. But acting is not just a subject to study people, narratives or social issues – we can discover so many things about ourselves, why we perform a character this way: is it because this person is so much like us?

There have been numerous qualities I have discovered about myself while participating in drama. In teaching, I have learn how to really connect with people and help them to explorer what their feelings produce and more notably, how we learn about others, about a single person just by the way they say a monologue.

Teaching has been a great experience for me because it has given me the time to evaluate my own performance and teaching skill, learning to become that character just a little but more. This has also been enhanced by the performances I have taken part in, learning to work together in teams to realise the dream of the narration and the vision of the director (for nothing really exists without the vision or image).

While experiencing other aspects of the Performing Arts, I have found that is has increased my performance skill on whole and expended my knowledge on the performance world greatly, Dance, Art and English all focusing on similar issues such as the Commedia dell’arte, Henrik Ibsen, Physical Theatre and Movements and philosophies.

These subjects have greatly complemented my time in Drama, and increased my confidence and ability in being a performer.

Being involved in 5 consecutive school productions, 2 amateur productions, teaching experience and a student has really influence me concerning the determination I will put into a career in Drama and Acting, and just working with these people and directors have really bettered me in the way I act, see myself and carry on with my life. The Performing Arts is such a brilliant profession to work in, because there is so much opportunity to explore the world.

I know that I can offer the performing arts the time, the expense and the spark that it deserves. There is nothing else in world that I would devote more time to than being on the stage or acting in the street, and with the passion and determination to succeed behind me, I will give that spark and flavour that acting and the performing arts is all about.

I know I can offer so much, because it is the only profession where, maybe just for one night, I can become someone else and do a damn good job of being that person – and I can easily say that I can offer the world, because performance and acting is my whole world.

As well as enjoying Drama, I have also taken a shine to Philosophy and finding the reason for irrationality, and I feel particularly moved in amazement by the work of Bob Fosse and George Orwell for their use of horror, sorrow and murder.

And a great interest to the History of Art, because so much of the story of us is portrayed in Art and more so these days it is so unique how Art and Drama work together to produce movement, beauty and conception.

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This personal statement was written by E15 for application in 2005.

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Central School of Speech and Drama
The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts
The London Institute

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Trying to appeal to the tutor's side of the sensation and desire created in Drama and the Performing Arts, as well as outlining what I have learnt while in the PA.


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I think its very, very

I think its very, very impressive - Good Luck!

.....Oh dear......You're one

.....Oh dear......You're one of those people who tries a little TOO hard to write your PS.

Admin edit: constructive criticism please

Hmm...a little too "I'm

Hmm...a little too "I'm desperate to impress"...it's good, but maybe a bit...flowery?!

bloody 'ell! well u can

bloody 'ell! well u can certainly tell ur a drama student!!!...a little OTT for me, but..hey, if it got u where u wanted 2 go then fair play 2 u.

it's good and deffinitely

it's good and deffinitely made an impact but i dunno if it was the right impact?! i'm applying to do drama but am coming at it from a VERY different angle! i didn't learn much about you as a person coz i felt you were trying to impress the reader with fancy words and sentences too much. i'm sure it'll be viewed by the university in a good way tho!!!

I don't understand why people

I don't understand why people are implying that your PS is too flamboyant...it's brilliant and it really grabbed my attention!

ummmm, quite good. dont

ummmm, quite good. dont really think the quote was necessary, bit to 'trying to be a smart ass' for me, but watever! as a person you have not given enough info and your experienes were not highlighted or developed enough to show you have had any performing memories. i would calm it down a little and try to write it as yrself, not an author trying to publish their writing. good luck tho.

On the whole it shows your

On the whole it shows your diversity as an actor. You have very good examples and you are clearly experienced in the field. Obviously you have been critisized but nevertheless drama as you know is a 'bitchy' buissness so get used to it... Overall it is a strong statement, however i only want to say that the passion is there, but where is the focus?

Umm to be honest it didn't

Umm to be honest it didn't really capture me at all. It sounds like you are being a drama queen, over emphasising points that aren't necessary and missing out the bits about you. Sorry, just my opinion

As someone who has applied to

As someone who has applied to study drama and successfully gained a place I can honestly say that your personal statement showed someone who obviously really wants to study drama. However I didn't feel that you showed that you can offer something special. I felt that in places you were trying maybe a little bit too hard to show off all the knowledge you have off the disipline. This is not a bad thing to do but it feels very generic, as if you are just rewriting lots of facts and ideas about drama rather than implying what you want to achieve..especially in your first paragraph.

i am currently writing my

i am currently writing my personal statement to apply for drama schools and found yours to be a great help and it inspired me to really write what im feeling. Yeah, we all have to take criticism but some of you, i think are just harsh! Good luck to you mate.

ive written so many personal

ive written so many personal statemtents for drama courses theyre coming out my ears!!!! this one however did catch my eye. HOWEVER, possibly a little TOO keen? im not sure its possible to be too keen in your chosen profession, but theres nothing worse in an actor than lack of confidence, apart from over-confidence. especially at the stage in your career when you are meant to be a fresh canvas...

I thought this was excellent

I thought this was excellent piece of writing, however, not sure that it wouldn't make the audition panel think "right, this one thinks he knows it all, lets test him". Surely drama schools are looking for potential to train not the finished article? You almost sound like you should be gaduating rather than applying. Good Luck anyway

surely this is far too long

surely this is far too long as a ucas personal statement. as others have said i think it is much too try hard, although i suppose drama schools do want enthusiasm and energy. you've got that in spades mate

i didn't think you came

i didn't think you came across as too keen, but the writing was boring and unoriginal. everyone loves unique. plus the stuff about being in productions needed to be worded better as to not sound arrogant and desperate.

The statement is hyperbole,

The statement is hyperbole, and lacking grammatical coherence. The first paragraph is particuarly shaky.

"By studying Drama, we can become a variety of people, trapped within one single mind, all trying to be freed and each with their own personality and poison."

"The most profound thing I have found when studying Drama is that we can become any person in the entire world, and still be us."

You clearly have a passion about the subject, but perhaps as this is a university personal statement it should be articulated from a more reserved voice.

a bit scary

I have to say i was really intimidated by this personal statement. I loved the passion you had for acting but you seemed like one of those people who is really loud and over confident- just a wee bit over the top, i'd be ever so slightly more suttle

Hm didnt really get any sense

Hm didnt really get any sense of character from this personal statement, except that your obviously extremely confident... maybe too confident! good luck anyway, maybe think about toning it down slightly and concentrate on the person you are, not fancy quotes!


just brilliant

good luck! you seem to be

good luck! you seem to be really interested with a great passion for acting... just like me, this will help with my personal statement! did it work for you??

Hmm... interesting

For someone who seems very passionate about Drama, Why haven't you mentioned any work experience? Do you have none?


I really liek ti
Its an impressive statment with a very stong beginning

an artistic theatrical friends

That was beautiful i loved every paragraph, sentance, word the dramatic quote at the begining of your statement, the little comments you made and i wish you the best in the future and that i can feel your passion in those lines and i share your passion and i can tell you will be grand. good luck.



I'm scared now...i'm about to start writing my statement- i looked at this for guidance but now i realise i'll never be able to achieve that- oh well no harm in trying i suppose!! good luck to you- if they don't accept you their crazy!!! xx

I think is a bit too much!!!

I think is a bit too much!!!

sorry but i hate this. i can

sorry but i hate this. i can just see u practising it in front of the mirror

clearly shows passion (in a

clearly shows passion (in a bit ridiculous way though), but wheres your character mate? seems to me youre living in a different universe - a bit more down to earth + less pompously would be more convincing

i know now how i wont write my personal statement

i agree that it's good...but

i agree that it's good...but you sound as if you've got nothing to learn. aren't unis looking for something to work with, rather than something already wrapped up in a ribbon?

Too OTT in my opinion...you

Too OTT in my opinion...you started with "this wise man" when we want to know about u! now i know how i wont write my personal statement you loser!

i thought this was well

i thought this was well structured, but i do believe that you do need to talk a little more about you as a person and back up your experiences, and less trying to win there hearts and be more proffesional? well anyways this did help me thanks :) did u get in ? x

I have been reading this

I have been reading this personal statement in accordance with guidelines from UCAS and find the comparison simply amazing!! yours is lacking anything personal and is virtually just a lot of rambeling over the same point!!! THE FACT THE ARE AMAZING AND LOVE DRAMA!!! good luck and see you on the other side!! MATE xxx

this is frightful. speaking

this is frightful. speaking as two drama students we think that this statement obviously got you the offers you wanted, but is still slightly scary in your enthusiasm. "drama is my whole world" well good luck but don't be disappointed, its a hard profession.

not really how i thought we

not really how i thought we were supposed to write personal statements ... at the start it's more like an essay. But I suppose it did stand out from the crowd?

ok so you like drama.

ok so you like drama.
do you have any other interests?
what happens if you dont make a career out of performing?
i know how you feel.
i'm in the same boat!

a bit pathetic at the end to

a bit pathetic at the end to be honest, and you don't sounds persuasive, it just sounds pathetic


I dont think you need a good luck, this PS will just stand out from the others, well done i just wish i had enough information on mind to come up with an impressive PS

OH MY gosh that is like

OH MY gosh that is like really really good, but its like uh some people are screwed coughmecough because i cant think of things like that to say :O

You clearly love drama but

You clearly love drama but this is too generic, you need more things about your experiences and what skills you gained.
Basically this personal statement isn't very personal.

I think that you brought

I think that you brought across your passion for drama very well and it was, in my opinion, not generic at all but far too personal. You seemed so affected by this passion and it made your statement less objective.

I find the way you included your achievements shoddy. They are impressive! so why just chuck them in without structure like that?

there were some brilliant phrases in there i love. people don't realise how difficult it is to describe the beauty of drama but i think you managed it very well occassionally.

Rip off

This reads like its been ripped off out of a textbook or something. The idea of a PERSONAL statement is that its PERSONAL. A little advice: before you show off with Unnecessarily big words, actually LEARN to spell them, lol

Your Personal statement is

Your Personal statement is AMAZING!
Yeah so what if its OTT [i dont really think it is]we're Drama students what do you expect Year 7 english!!
Goodness Me!!
Once again I think it's FAB!!:)

OMG.....and not in a good way

OMG.....and not in a good way! my careers advisor said to me 'essential and relevant information, NO padding' sorry mate, way too much padding! to be honest instead of coming ccross as yourself, you came across as an arsehole, if thats you well done!

i was really stuck on my PS

i was really stuck on my PS this has given me so much inspiration..thankyou x

Good but deffiently over the

Good but deffiently over the top. I'm not a drama student myself I'm more mathematical. To be honest I don't like it but that doesn't mean it's bad so if it gets you where you want to be then good for you.

well i think this ps is

well i think this ps is brillliant!!i am trying to write mine at the mo, and this has really opened my eyes and made me see exactly what im up against!!!!So what if you tried " a little too hard" isnt that what they want?why shouldn't you go that extra mile for something you clearly really want to do, if anything, it shows your potential to work hard and push yourself!! good one i say! :)


you sound like a prententious 'performing arts' student. wow ur so unique and different. haha

i thought it was a good ps in

i thought it was a good ps in the way it showed u had a passion for the subject. but, surely just applying says you've got that already? personal statements are the unis way of finding out about you the person and you only really showed them what a wide range of vocab you had...still made me kinda nervous reading it tho, and best of luck!

Im Intrigued

Hi There, I believe that this PS has given a lot of inspiration towards writing my own, thanking for allowing us other students to read this, very generous, i hope this got you far as im commenting 2 years after it was written!

Thanks, Kind Regards

from a potential co-actor


well you have done two things very successfully: 1. grabbed the readers' attention; 2. shown your enthusiasm towards drama. i really like this personal statement although it seems to go off on a tangent from time to time and you havent given much detail to other aspects of your life experiences and details of productons that you have been in. you write for too long about your passion and not enough about facts and dates and details. good luck and well done!


btw if u haters havent noticed, this person got into all their chosen institutes so i really dont think this person really cares about your "constructive criticisms"


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