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My enthusiasm for computing came while watching Kevin Slavin on TED Talks explain how algorithms shape our world; from Netflix recommendations to trading markets, they are fundamental methods that govern information flow.

This general aspect of computer science inspired me to learn more about the importance of formulas and their applications to digital technology.

After completing this subject at GCSE, not only have vast levels of programming languages been introduced, but I have also learnt cryptography and the practical issues behind computer security, which has made me realise how much more depth there is to a screen displaying almost anything you want.

Collaborating software and hardware compels for creativity, logic and the principles of engineering to come together, which I am engrossed by.

I am an autonomous, analytic person, which I have exhibited through my chosen A-levels; mathematics requires the use of systematic thinking, which has delved me to create precise, structured solutions.

On the other hand, examining biological complexes has lead me to contribute alternate explanations of processes that take place in biology, resulting in my reasoning skills becoming enhanced.

AS-level Physics has given me an insight into the operation of computer systems, as I have gained significant knowledge on the applications of electricity and mechanics, which is greatly linked to how different components of a computer work to fulfil a purpose. Furthermore, I have obtained techniques on how to formulate justified answers to both conceptual and practical problems. 

In contrast to these subjects, Religious Studies has raised interesting theories of quantum mechanics and the nature of the universe. It embraces the concepts of cognition, verification of models and critical analysis, which are necessary to design computer systems.

To increase my understanding, I undertook work experience at Cisco and acquired knowledge of various features of the multi-industry organisation, including the roles of people working in the technical stream and what difficulties the industry faces in the modern world. An example being the stereotype that computing is a male-dominated area.

This has encouraged me to study the subject at a higher level, which will contribute to shattering this belief, and I hope to be an example towards younger women who also have an aptitude for computer science.

The highlight of this period was when I had to work with a team to program a Raspberry Pi that can be used to control a motorised buggy and then be presented to a panel of executives.

In addition to improving my project management skills, I thoroughly enjoyed learning to implement and manipulate intricate data structures so an efficient program is created while budgeting time.

Overall, taking part in this event has demonstrated how challenging, yet rewarding the computing field is, hence reaffirming my choice to study the subject as a degree.

Outside of academics, I have taken part in the Army Cadet Force a youth club that trains young people on a military basis. By being involved in this, I have gained a sound understanding of team dynamics through communicating and following instructions in a precise manner.

In addition, physical activities such as expeditions and camping have allowed me to learn to think of ways achieve things without following conventional methods, such as learning how to make fire without a source of ignition. These pursuits have prompted my abilities to think outside the box, be able to inspect and rectify mistakes in a short amount of time, while being able to hit the brief.

It is obvious that computer science holds indefinable power that will only increase over time, and I am determined to be part of the future revolution of innovative creations.

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