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I have chosen to study classics at university because it is a subject which combines both my interests in literature and history. I have been fortunate enough to read the work of many classical authors, such as Homer's 'Odyssey', and Sophocles' 'Oedipus the King' whilst studying classics at an A Level. I greatly enjoyed reading the thrilling adventure of the 'Odyssey', however, it is the psychological depth of Sophocles' tragedy that has astounded me, and shown me the true essence of classical studies.

In addition to reading the set plays and books of my classics course, I have taken it upon myself to read more classical literature to better myself in the subject. I have read Homer's 'Iliad', which has greatly improved my understanding and appreciation of the 'Odyssey'; and I have also read James Joyce's 'Ulysses': a modern novel based upon Odysseus' travels in Homer's second epic poem. I enjoyed this book immensely, and it has illustrated how classical literature influences the modern world.

I have also been studying the Art and Architecture of the Ancient World, and this module has allowed me, not only to appreciate the skill of the architects and the fine details in the work, but also to look at different representations of many ancient myths. It is my deepest wish to study more classical literature; to further learn about the great minds of the classical age.

Studying classics at a university level will help to provide me with essential skills for any career that I may choose in the future, such as analysing and understanding specific sources, and communicating this understanding to others; a vital skill in everyday life. I am currently studying English literature and history, as well as classics, at A Level, and I have also studied French at AS Level. The skills that I learn in English literature and history will especially aid me in studying classics at university, as both subjects entail analysing a source and writing about it in a clear and concise way.

These subjects have not only helped to improve my writing and analytical skills, but they have also taught me to confidently apply arguments to specific texts and support these arguments through independent research. Studying French at AS Level will also benefit my study of classics; it has improved my language skills and will aid me in the area of learning Latin at university, as French and Latin have extremely strong linguistic ties. French has also enhanced my appreciation of different cultures and societies.

I have actively taken part in many extra curricular activities and community service projects within and outside school. I am part of the NSPCC group in my school, and I have helped to organise many fund-raising events; ranging from bake sales to quiz nights. I am part of the sixth form choir and girls choir, and have performed in numerous concerts.

However, the most challenging, and rewarding, community work that I have been involved in was the Handicapped Children's Pilgrimage Trust (HCPT). In this charity it was our responsibility to entertain and care for a group of disabled children on a week long trip in Lourdes, as well as several day trips out in London. This task proved to be stressful at times, however, the confidence, capability and immense sense of achievement I acquired proved to be well worth it in the end, compounded by the fact that our group earned the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Apollo Award for Special Merit.

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This personal statement was written by Samibear ;) for application in 2006.

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I feel pretty proud of this personal statement, especially considering I did it in one night when everyone else in my school had finished theirs, and some people were already getting their offers. I didn't think I'd get in anywhere actually, but it turned out really well, and I got into the two places I wanted to go to, as well as two others, so I guess it's pretty good.


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If you dont mind me asking

If you dont mind me asking which universities did you apply to, and which ones did you get offers from? Im just trying to find out which universities are most popular for Clasics and which ones are the best to go to!


that was a well good personal

that was a well good personal statement!

That was well good!

Oh hey Sammibear, that was well w00tage ttm. Will you do mine for me/me?

Did you actually read Ulysses

Did you actually read Ulysses? It is, like, a million pages long, you know. I get the impression you put it in there for the lulz.

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