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Watching Disney's adaptation of 'Hercules" at age 7 was the first introduction I had to the world of Classics and its story of the titular hero captured my interest and a curiosity that hasn't been lost since.

Several years later, and having the learnt the true tragedy behind the family friendly story, the magic of that first introduction still exists and has grown as I have been introduced to more traditional classical works, like Homer's Odyssey and Ovid's Metamorphoses. Classics was not an option at my GCSE school and so my interest in Classics had to be furthered by reading around the subject.

I persuaded my parents to consider paying school fees for sixth form and was very fortunate to get into King’s Worcester with an academic award. Studying Classics at A level has allowed me to develop my interest in this subject and develop my analytical skills. Not only is it the literature aspect and the fantastic stories and myths that I enjoy so much about Classics, but it is also the window on ancient societies that we are shown through these works that fascinates me. For example, examining the relationship between humour and the societies for which it was intended.

My desire to dive into much more detail has driven me to further my knowledge by taking it as a degree. I have also been fortunate enough to travel to Italy twice this year and spend some time looking at Roman sites. My first trip was to Rome and the Amalfi coastline on a Classics focused trip with school where I got to see many sites in Rome and spend a day in Ostia and then go on to Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Naples Archeological Museum. I then went on a family holiday to Sicily where I visited Villa Romana del Casale to see the mosaics, Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples and the Cathedral of Syracuse in Siracusa.

My A level studies are taking a lot of my time and focus this year but I still find time to keep some of my core external interests alive. I’ve been involved in drama since age 9 and am a member of a theatre group who put on two plays per year for my age group. Drama builds confidence and helps you learn to express yourself - this can be a real aid to communication.

I fully intend to take part in the dramatic aspects of any university I join. I’ve played the clarinet for a decade and whilst I’m not currently taking lessons, I did reach grade 5 and have played in several school orchestras or small groups. My real musical love however is singing - whether preforming in a musical or as part of the school choir which I joined for this academic year.

I’ve tried quite a few sports including a stint as a very handy goalkeeper in a hockey team but my real love is netball. I’ve played this for the last 9 years both at school and as a member of a club. I’ve played a variety of positions and am always happy to play the part that the team needs of me, even if it takes me into a position that isn’t my preference. Netball provides a strong sense of competition and really helps develop team and interpersonal skills.

I enjoy spending time outdoors, sometimes walking - especially if there is an archaeological site on the walk - however my real love is working with horses. I’ve been riding since the age of 7 and have worked in my local stables for over 4 years. The work can be basic stable work or working with pupils - this gives me a real sense of responsibility either for the wellbeing of the horses or for creating enthusiasm and capability in riding pupils.

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This is a rough draft of my personal statement. I'm hoping to get into Durham university to study the Classical Civilisations degree. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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