Catering and Food Science Personal Statement

I am a Portuguese student looking for self fulfilment and success in life. For that reason I have chosen to apply to the Culinary Arts Management course.

I have decided to study on this area because when I started attending school, I was asked about what I would like to be when I grew up and my answer has been changing ever since: a lawyer, a journalist, a stewardess and more recently a Chef. I have always dreamed of being known for something important, something that would make a difference in everyone’s routine, even if it meant an atypical meal or a box of delicious cookies to cheer someone up. But most of all it had to be something that would also defy my creativity and allow it to be boundless, in order that I would forever feel passionate and enthusiastic about my work. All along culinary arts were present in my life, in myself. I always feel happy while cooking and I constantly feel excited at the prospect of learning more about it!

Today I can finally say for sure that my dream is to be a Chef and since my talent and satisfaction rely more on cooking desserts, I wish to become a Pastry Chef. I often feel motivated by Chefs like Gordon Ramsey, José Avillez, Jamie Oliver, and Pastry Chef Bartolo Valastro, Jr. However, nowadays I aspire much more as I see myself in the future managing a bake shop or a restaurant worthy of rewards resembling the famous Michelin Star.

I have chosen to study abroad because I believe that the English language is one of the most important means of communication in whichever industry and as a result I consider that it is the best option to reach out for national and especially international attention to our projects. Among all of the options offered, London seemed the most fitted to me as I was influenced by the heritage of British English and I was also fascinated by England’s nature: photographs of green parks amaze me and let me longing to go there and visit them someday, given that I not only like to breathe fresh air, but also seek for green places where you spend quality time with family and friends.

Some of my favourite hobbies are cooking desserts, singing and listening to music, reading and playing team sports, even though I enjoy swimming and jogging too. Although I do not practise surf, I embrace all of its advantages in the summer: the village where I live in fills with people from all ages and from all over the world with whom I can communicate, share the Portuguese culture and practise my English, French and German. In addition, I have been in touch with foreign people during my working experiences, whether at a “tapas” bar, a tea house, a restaurant or a hotel, all of them places which allowed me to develop varied professional skills. I have been responsible for diverse tasks including food preparation, plating and serving, as well as hosting the clients.

Regarding school, I have always been a good student. With the help of my parents, who taught me how to study properly, my colleagues and teachers, with whom I worked and cooperated throughout my school years, I managed to be one of the best students in class, which makes me very proud of myself and feel rewarded for my effort. I can definitely see my work being valued and appreciated in my further education, at university. Challenges do not make me back down, nor quit either. I set my goals and I reach them because I do not like regrets. Therefore, I do know how to recognise an opportunity and if one is given to me, I surely will not waste it.

I trust that this course will be the right beginning of my successful career.

I applied to 4 universities and got accepted in all of them: University of West London - conditionally accepted University College Birmingham - conditionally accepted University of Derby - conditionally accepted New College Nothingham - unconditionally accepted
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Catering and Food

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