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I've always been fascinated by the making of the food I eat everyday, especially what concerns bread and baked goods. I want to study Baking Technology Management because I feel like I could use a deeper understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of baking as well as gain a solid business knowledge and managerial skills.

I'm currently studying English, German and Spanish Literature and I'm thoroughly enjoying these subjects. They don't relate much to the course I've chosen, but over the years I've gained a closer understanding of such cultures and consequentially their food traditions. I want to turn my passion for baking into my career, hence the brisk change of direction, in favour of a much more practical subject.

I've been baking on a regular basis for at least four years. I first started with easy recipes, and as my experience grew I challenged myself with more complicated and time consuming recipes, such as sour dough bread and Panettone. Even if I'm still a home baker, I like to do a lot of research about the recipes and techniques required, before I actually put on my apron and start making doughs and batters. I'm an eager baker and there have been occasions in which I catered for up to sixty people.

I've been home schooled for the past three years and since I don't have to attend classes, last April I made the decision to move to the UK for 8 months. I had a part time job as au pair girl, and in the meantime I carried on with my coursework. This experience turned my life upside down. It has boosted my confidence and got rid of most of my shyness. I've discovered that I can be independent and organised as well as determined and focused on both my job and my studies.

Having already lived in the UK, I've had the opportunity to have first-hand experience of what the British lifestyle is like, and I can picture myself living in the UK more easily than I see myself staying in Italy. I am well aware of the difficulties of living alone and far from home, but I know that I can make it and that I will enjoy it.

Being home schooled, I have much more leisure time than the average student. I consider baking both a relaxing and rewarding activity, so I tend to spend most of my free time in my kitchen, experimenting with ingredients and flavours. When I'm not baking I like to spend long hours reading novels and browsing through cooking blogs, looking for new recipes.

I'm passionate about the subject and determined to have a career in the baking industry. My plans for the future, include starting my own business. I would love to develop and sell my products in my own bakery. I'd bake sour dough bread everyday, as well as other baked goods; everything starting from scratch and using the very best ingredients.

This is where I see my life going and I'm willing to work hard to make my dreams come true. I hope that this course will allow me to lay the groundwork for a successful and rewarding career.

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I applied to London South Bank University and I was offered a place


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