Business and Management Personal Statement

I believe I am very capable of organising people and managing the logistics of running a company. I am keen on all aspects of business, but am particularly interested in Business Management. I feel I am a good communicator and wish to develop my teamwork and leadership skills

I was lucky enough to be a guest at the Institute of Directors 2001 Annual Convention in the Royal Albert Hall. The subject of this years meeting was "change", and I enjoyed hearing reports on how well known business' such as Orange, strive to success. I found this experience invaluable to me.

Last year I attended a Business Management conference weekend at Nottingham University. This inspired me to apply for the course because one particular speaker elaborated on how he became an entrepreneur from studying the subject. I aspire to one day start up my own business

Taking part in Young Enterprise I quickly achieved the position of Managing Director, leading a team of eighteen fellow students. Team building, and teamwork was the key to the success of the company, we had problems but I felt that these were valuable lessons that I learnt from.

After manufacturing small products, we were awarded a contract with a local school, to design and produce a commemorative book, as the school was closing down. The project earned the company GBP700 profit

I have held my part time job at Blockbuster Entertainment for over a year, and hope to continue for a further year. I have earned the status of "Gold Star Customer Service Representative", this means that I have a very high level of responsibility within the store, including training up new staff and running team briefings when the manager is unavailable. I

worked at a Medical Practice where I was mainly on my own. From this I learned that I thrive from working in a team, to achieve a common goal, especially problem solving

I have a strong interest in school life, becoming a prefect I help out at various parents' evenings and show new students round the school

Recently I took part in a drug's education course, this involved working in teams and presenting information to the class. I subsequently taught what I had learnt to younger members of the school through a workshop, which I lead

My interests at home include IT, in particular I enjoy web design, working with a friend we completely re-designed our school website. I am an audiophile, and as a result have invested in some high quality hi-fi and home cinema equipment. Recently a friend and I produced two short animated films using a video camera and plastic models.

I have been a member of the gym for over a year because I enjoy the physical challenge of staying fit. If I am presented with the opportunity I love to go skiing and I am a qualified PADI scuba diver

From my experiences and my personal ambition I am confident that I have the necessary self-motivation and commitment to succeed in Business.

Year applied: 
Business and Management


what uni's accepted you?

what uni's accepted you?

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